March 2, 2009

Snow day!

We have snow at our house! It started to fall at some point mid-day Sunday. And even now, Monday evening, there is still unmelted snow in some spots. I don't ever remember snow sticking around this long in our neck of the woods.

So yesterday we started our day by leaving the house about 8:30. We went to church and then left from there to take my mom to the Atlanta airport. (She was nice enough to ride down from Ohio with me & Jameson...thanks Mom.) As we were just coming into the Atlanta area we realized that the rain was started to look a bit was snow! It steadily increased and soon we were surrounded by some pretty fluffy snow all over. Here is a shot from the ATL terminal. After dropping mom off we headed to Ikea. (What trip to Atlanta shouldn't include this fun store?!) We had a fun time wondering the aisles and then decided it was time to start heading back home. The entire time we were in the store the snow didn't slowed down. Everything was covered in white snow! We made our way about 1/3 of the way up the interstate and then met a standstill of traffic. So we decided to use the navigation system and see where it would take us if we avoided highways. It really didn't take us too much extra time to get home. As we headed a bit west the snow disappeared from the ground but then as we got closer to home, turning east again, the snow reappeared. We were amazed when we got home to see our entire house covered in snow and more was falling, which at that point was actually freezing rain. Today of course was a snow day for Jameson but the best part was James also had a half day at home too. He went into the plant as usual this morning but their power wasn't staying on so he came home. He did a little work throughout the afternoon. It is so awesome to have him around more then normal! Now tomorrow they are saying the roads might be even worse because the snow that is still on the roads will most likely freeze and become black ice. We might be blessed with another at home day for our family?!
I'd thought I'd share a picture of our freshly painted dining room. Jeannie does such a great job. I love the stripes. She did the same color just with different finishes so they are a great slight difference, the best part is that she also painted the ceiling, which I think really finishes the room. So if you're in our area and are looking for a painter, check out Paul Carr's wife Jeannie...she is the bomb!
In other news...while driving on the way to Ohio, which seems like ages ago now, we saw a double rainbow. The most amazing part was that I think we actually were at the bottom of the rainbow because the beams were coming from the water splashing from the truck in front of us.
When we're visiting my family we can almost always be found with my sister and her kiddos. These 4 have so much fun together. Deb was attempting to get a picture of all of them for her office. She wanted something realistic, I think she succeeded!
Okay I think this post is long enough, I still have more to say but I'll save it for later!

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ChloƩ said...

Wow, this rainbows pic is absolutely amazing! I love when I see those double rainbows!!