June 22, 2008


We headed to Edisto with the Jolly's this weekend. A quick trip to the coast for a bit of relaxation...just what the doctor ordered! It was great to just be together as a family with no schedule or to-do lists to accomplish. James captured this image of Jameson right after he was in the water playing with me. He was so excited to go tell daddy about the waves. Totally nailed the smile there (I LOVE IT). The little man was totally into the waves -- splashing, jumping, licking (I know it is gross but he loves salt so I really wasn't surprised that it didn't bother him) & overall plain playing in the waves. He also really enjoyed running after the seagulls. I couldn't believe how close they were letting him get to them. He actually almost touched it once. We also got to fly our first kite. He has been wanting to do this for weeks (I made the mistake of showing it to him instead of keeping it hidden until the time was right). He was actually able to fly it all by himself.

The two boys had a lot of fun jumping around. The motion in this picture totally makes me feel like I'm right there dancing to Mickey with them.
Overall we had a good relaxing trip to the coast. Now that we're home I'm getting all of the laundry caught back up - posing a bit of a problem as it seems that our washer isn't working. Luckily I have a great neighbor/friend that has two washers so I was able to get everything done tonight (Thanks Carrie). Now to prepare for the ADPi conference later this week. I'm starting to get a bit nervous as I have to get a presentation to almost 300 women. I'll keep you posted on how that goes! Hope you have a great week!

June 18, 2008

Gearing up!

Look at this silly boy! The pic was taken during a short shower we had over the weekend. Notice the crazy hair...we're letting it grow out a bit.

I'm gearing up for a bunch of traveling, visiting, presenting (please pray I can breath through it) and overall lots of fun! The flip side of it is that if I don't focus on the good stuff that we'll be doing over the next month I'm going to go crazy, for real! There are so many 'to-do' lists swirling around in my head that I'm writing everything down. I even added camera to my list because knowing me, I'd accidentally leave that at home and we all know that would not be good. As a warning over the next month or so you might not be seeing much of us on here but watch out in August because I will make up for it then!

So today Jameson spent the day with the girls and Aunt Tam so I could get some shopping done. It is so nice to be able to just relax, even if I was just at the grocery store. Not that Jameson is even too hard to shop with, just didn't have to keep an eye on him. I was grateful for some alone time too!

In other news, have you heard of the Global Food Crisis? With the current economic issues surrounding us there are those that are truly, physically suffering. Click here to watch a video that was posted on the Compassion blog today. I've been praying that God will show our family how we can help out. Donating and sponsoring a child was a start but I get the feeling God isn't done using me. I recently read about this trip. We'll see if this is the answer.

June 12, 2008


We've been having so much fun lately. I've been on a total creative spree (photography & scrapbooking) and Jameson has been enjoying time playing with friends and spending time in the water. He is actually swimming without a vest on most of the time these days. He is a total fish. Here are a few fun pictures of the girls showing off for me. The shutter speed is so fast on my new camera I can capture a whole series (I'll try to post a set of them - you can actually see their legs moving).

Finished up a digital page today about Jameson always saying the opposite of us when we pray (amen vs awwman). I know he does it just to get a raised eyebrow - so my child. All of the stuff on this page are from sugarplum paperie (Nicole is creating some amazing things lately and if you can't tell the more I create for her the more I get to receive from her shop). I also did a couple of pages last night, two pages in about 20 minutes - that is a record for me. Thanks to the latest big picture scrapbooking class. We had to pull product and pictures last week and now we just have to assemble them. Recording memories - my kinda get it done class!
The sunset is a SOOC (straight out of camera) shot I took the other night while we were out on my dads friends boat. It was so nice to get to see my dad on his birthday, not a typical occurrence since we live 600 miles away from each other. It was other James' moms birthday too. So cool that these two special people share a birthday. The picture of dad & Jameson running down the dock is at first glance pretty cute. But then I looked further and noticed that my sweet hubby was helping Shirley off the boat - he is so great! This next picture is from the movie theatre yesterday. The local theatre offers free movies during the summer so Caroline & I decided to take the kids. This is Lily, how Jameson occasionally refers to as his girlfriend. So when they decided they wanted to sit together (with the moms a row behind), I was quick to grab my camera. I asked them to put their heads together and in typical boy fashion, Jameson turned the other way.

The first page is about my grandma while we were in Ohio for Jameson's birthday party. I loved how sweet these pictures turned out. The other is a picture of me & Deacon at a park while we were living in Georgia in 2004.
Okay now I better get my little man fed and return the two boys from next door that are over playing. My house is a wreck right now - oh the joy of boys - actually probably not a total boy thing except that it is a bunch of matchbox cars and blocks!

June 9, 2008

No email or blogs!

I forced myself to turn off the laptop friday night and not turn it back on until Monday. I might be doing that every weekend from now on! It felt so great. Focused on spending time with the boys and being creative. Here are a few of the crafty things I accomplished. In addition to learning out to replace a zipper in a $4 Gap dress I bought, lots of time at the pool, enjoying dinner with a good friend and a great message at church.

The first page was one I started last week but hadn't found the right accents. I found the felt 'summer' at the jockey lot last week and it was just what I needed to jump start the junk collecting for this page. I'm totally addicted to junking up my pages lately. I'm over the hording phase so I'm trying to reduce the amount of stuff in my scrapbook area! The second page is one for a class I'm taking from Heather Preckel Scrapbooking Your Faith. I plan to write on the back about the pictures that I selected that represent different phases in my walk with God.

A couple of other things I made this weekend were some quick cards. Jameson even helped me stitch on them.
I'll post some fun pictures I took while at the pool. The girls were happy to pose for me. Oh I love my fast new camera! Thanks hubby! We're actually going on a date tonight. Adult conversation and a good meal - exciting!!!

June 5, 2008


Today I am totally feeling like a crazy creative artist. You know, like the one with wild hair, spots on their clothes and not a care in the world. That would be me - well at least in spirit. Except I do have wild hair and spots on my clothes and no worries - for the moment. Last night I was cleaning up my scrapbook table, lots had been collecting on it and I needed plenty of time to put it all away, in the right spots. About halfway through cleaning I decided I was going to create something while I was cleaning, in an attempt to use up stuff so it never actually had to be put away. So this is the layout that was the result of an evening of pure enjoyment. I love how it turned out so 'junked' up and a mix of colors that typically wouldn't go together. And to top it off, it is a picture of me (which I took myself while on a quick trip to Swensons when I was in Ohio last). The other reason we're feeling artist today is that at this moment Jameson is being creative with some scissors, glitter glue and paper. Oh how fun it is to watch a young creative brain at work!
About the page...Digital elements (green paper, printed word stripe & paper swirls) are from Sugarplum Paperie. Most of the paper items are from a scarlet lime kit and others are from my stash (mostly MM, SEI & prima - even used the plastic wrapper from the flower packet, the scallops above the picture - I'm attempting to recycle even with my scrapbooking!). I really like mixing digi and paper - stretches me as an artist! When I finally got to creating this last night I had no idea what exactly I was going to work on...so needed that for my soul! Every time we go for a visit I make sure to squeeze in an excuse to go by Swensons (Jimmy Buffett even says they are #3 with the best burgers). The journaling is tucked into the bag and I basically wrote about how it feels like home to go to such a familiar spot. This will be fitting perfectly into my places album. Lately I have been feeling very grateful that I took the LOM class from Stacy Julian. It has really helped me relax and enjoy this awesome hobby!
Okay gotta go...the boy just added glitter to his cracker and doesn't understand why he shouldn't eat that one.