June 22, 2008


We headed to Edisto with the Jolly's this weekend. A quick trip to the coast for a bit of relaxation...just what the doctor ordered! It was great to just be together as a family with no schedule or to-do lists to accomplish. James captured this image of Jameson right after he was in the water playing with me. He was so excited to go tell daddy about the waves. Totally nailed the smile there (I LOVE IT). The little man was totally into the waves -- splashing, jumping, licking (I know it is gross but he loves salt so I really wasn't surprised that it didn't bother him) & overall plain playing in the waves. He also really enjoyed running after the seagulls. I couldn't believe how close they were letting him get to them. He actually almost touched it once. We also got to fly our first kite. He has been wanting to do this for weeks (I made the mistake of showing it to him instead of keeping it hidden until the time was right). He was actually able to fly it all by himself.

The two boys had a lot of fun jumping around. The motion in this picture totally makes me feel like I'm right there dancing to Mickey with them.
Overall we had a good relaxing trip to the coast. Now that we're home I'm getting all of the laundry caught back up - posing a bit of a problem as it seems that our washer isn't working. Luckily I have a great neighbor/friend that has two washers so I was able to get everything done tonight (Thanks Carrie). Now to prepare for the ADPi conference later this week. I'm starting to get a bit nervous as I have to get a presentation to almost 300 women. I'll keep you posted on how that goes! Hope you have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Gracious,Jameson is getting so big!! HC will get a kick out of seeing these beach pictures. Glad to hear that you all had a great time and made it back home safely. I'll be praying for you concerning all your upcomming travel this month and your speaking engagement. Hope you have a great time. Love and Miss You Guys, SD

Anonymous said...

His smile says it all, true happiness! Love it! He is getting so big!
Love ya,

Sarah said...

So cute! Makes me wish I was at the beach. I feel like you've been gone forever! Miss you guys!

abby_864 said...


My REAL husband is having to do some day time duty since you are gone and it is really cramping his summer-farming style---ha! I miss you and pray that you will be home safe and refreshed!