June 9, 2008

No email or blogs!

I forced myself to turn off the laptop friday night and not turn it back on until Monday. I might be doing that every weekend from now on! It felt so great. Focused on spending time with the boys and being creative. Here are a few of the crafty things I accomplished. In addition to learning out to replace a zipper in a $4 Gap dress I bought, lots of time at the pool, enjoying dinner with a good friend and a great message at church.

The first page was one I started last week but hadn't found the right accents. I found the felt 'summer' at the jockey lot last week and it was just what I needed to jump start the junk collecting for this page. I'm totally addicted to junking up my pages lately. I'm over the hording phase so I'm trying to reduce the amount of stuff in my scrapbook area! The second page is one for a class I'm taking from Heather Preckel Scrapbooking Your Faith. I plan to write on the back about the pictures that I selected that represent different phases in my walk with God.

A couple of other things I made this weekend were some quick cards. Jameson even helped me stitch on them.
I'll post some fun pictures I took while at the pool. The girls were happy to pose for me. Oh I love my fast new camera! Thanks hubby! We're actually going on a date tonight. Adult conversation and a good meal - exciting!!!

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Sarah said...

How was the date? I was thinking of you guys and hoping you were having fun! Talk to you later!