June 5, 2008


Today I am totally feeling like a crazy creative artist. You know, like the one with wild hair, spots on their clothes and not a care in the world. That would be me - well at least in spirit. Except I do have wild hair and spots on my clothes and no worries - for the moment. Last night I was cleaning up my scrapbook table, lots had been collecting on it and I needed plenty of time to put it all away, in the right spots. About halfway through cleaning I decided I was going to create something while I was cleaning, in an attempt to use up stuff so it never actually had to be put away. So this is the layout that was the result of an evening of pure enjoyment. I love how it turned out so 'junked' up and a mix of colors that typically wouldn't go together. And to top it off, it is a picture of me (which I took myself while on a quick trip to Swensons when I was in Ohio last). The other reason we're feeling artist today is that at this moment Jameson is being creative with some scissors, glitter glue and paper. Oh how fun it is to watch a young creative brain at work!
About the page...Digital elements (green paper, printed word stripe & paper swirls) are from Sugarplum Paperie. Most of the paper items are from a scarlet lime kit and others are from my stash (mostly MM, SEI & prima - even used the plastic wrapper from the flower packet, the scallops above the picture - I'm attempting to recycle even with my scrapbooking!). I really like mixing digi and paper - stretches me as an artist! When I finally got to creating this last night I had no idea what exactly I was going to work on...so needed that for my soul! Every time we go for a visit I make sure to squeeze in an excuse to go by Swensons (Jimmy Buffett even says they are #3 with the best burgers). The journaling is tucked into the bag and I basically wrote about how it feels like home to go to such a familiar spot. This will be fitting perfectly into my places album. Lately I have been feeling very grateful that I took the LOM class from Stacy Julian. It has really helped me relax and enjoy this awesome hobby!
Okay gotta go...the boy just added glitter to his cracker and doesn't understand why he shouldn't eat that one.


Sarah Hayes said...

Cute layout! Sounds like J might be ready for that edible glitter recipe I sent ya a while back! ;o) You are a great mom... you are a good inspiration to those of us who worry about allowing our preschoolers access to glitter and/or glue!

Sarah said...

Very fun layout! Have you been hanging out with C.D. on the sly? I guess not since there isn't a rainbow on it! (:

I'm glad you got some time to just have fun. Mommies sure need that! Have a good weekend!

Erin Bassett said...

Love this LO Jill!