June 12, 2008


We've been having so much fun lately. I've been on a total creative spree (photography & scrapbooking) and Jameson has been enjoying time playing with friends and spending time in the water. He is actually swimming without a vest on most of the time these days. He is a total fish. Here are a few fun pictures of the girls showing off for me. The shutter speed is so fast on my new camera I can capture a whole series (I'll try to post a set of them - you can actually see their legs moving).

Finished up a digital page today about Jameson always saying the opposite of us when we pray (amen vs awwman). I know he does it just to get a raised eyebrow - so my child. All of the stuff on this page are from sugarplum paperie (Nicole is creating some amazing things lately and if you can't tell the more I create for her the more I get to receive from her shop). I also did a couple of pages last night, two pages in about 20 minutes - that is a record for me. Thanks to the latest big picture scrapbooking class. We had to pull product and pictures last week and now we just have to assemble them. Recording memories - my kinda get it done class!
The sunset is a SOOC (straight out of camera) shot I took the other night while we were out on my dads friends boat. It was so nice to get to see my dad on his birthday, not a typical occurrence since we live 600 miles away from each other. It was other James' moms birthday too. So cool that these two special people share a birthday. The picture of dad & Jameson running down the dock is at first glance pretty cute. But then I looked further and noticed that my sweet hubby was helping Shirley off the boat - he is so great! This next picture is from the movie theatre yesterday. The local theatre offers free movies during the summer so Caroline & I decided to take the kids. This is Lily, how Jameson occasionally refers to as his girlfriend. So when they decided they wanted to sit together (with the moms a row behind), I was quick to grab my camera. I asked them to put their heads together and in typical boy fashion, Jameson turned the other way.

The first page is about my grandma while we were in Ohio for Jameson's birthday party. I loved how sweet these pictures turned out. The other is a picture of me & Deacon at a park while we were living in Georgia in 2004.
Okay now I better get my little man fed and return the two boys from next door that are over playing. My house is a wreck right now - oh the joy of boys - actually probably not a total boy thing except that it is a bunch of matchbox cars and blocks!

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