May 30, 2008


Wow has it really been a week since my last post? And that was mainly pictures! The good and the bad of it is that I've made a goal to not be on the computer as much. The blog is taking a hit for that one. So if you want to hear about what we're up to, you'll just have to come visit! We're at the pool! I'm also gearing up for the adpi seminar that is later this month. Lots of little projects to accomplish in the next few weeks. I actually the a neighbor girl come over to play with Jameson this morning. They were doing pretty good until poor Olivia got stung by a bee.

The current series at FCC is about David's blog. Last weeks message centerd around Psalm 19. Each week our connection group delves deeper into the message. We discussed sin and how every single person is a sinner with the exception of Jesus who was the only pure person to walk this earth. James 4:17 says "Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it." I read that verse at a friends house the other day and it has stuck with me since. Being aware of sin and the fact that God is watching us at all times. That helps me to try to choose the right way each time. Doesn't always happen that way but I try.

Are you prepared to shed a few tears? View this amazing video. Such an awesome way to show the power of faith.

In photography news, anyone new to the DSLR world, there is an online class that just opened up. If I wasn't already signed up for this photography class, I'd totally take this one. I really like Candice's work. Want to take your camera off of auto, this might be a great place to start!

The pictures that are posted here...crazy boy on his 'ford-wheela' he is so cute standing like a big kit - reminds me of the circus acts; raspberries that we picked fresh earlier this week (I don't know that I've ever tasted fresh right off the vine berries - super yummy). The other 3 photos are from the pool. We've been spending lots of time there this week and I'm sure that is where we'll be for most of the summer. The photo of the two boys today, that Jeb makes the funniest faces. They were running to jump in together but for some reason this is one area that Jameson is still a bit hesitant. He will not jump in without holding the hand of an adult. I'm sure before the end of summer this won't occur. Hope you have a great week!

May 28, 2008

Wedding pics!

Here are the pictures from the wedding last Saturday. I had a great time shooting this for these Keith and Jamie. Such a nice change from toddlers that don't want to stand still for a single shot. The only requested poses that they had were ones with their bibles. I thought it was so neat that Keith's bible is black and Jamie's is white. So cute! Jamie's son was incorporated into the ceremony. Keith gave him a token, which was so touching. Overall I think it went well. Enjoy some of my favs!

I'll be back later this week with an update on what we've been doing. Lots of outside play which doesn't go well with the computer. We're good worries!

May 23, 2008


We have a winner for our fun guessing game...Debbie. She was the closest guess to our Sams trip. Our total bill was $272.48. The amount surprised me since you know there are only 3 of us in our house and really we don't eat that much. I did spend about $50 on pictures (included Father's Day gifts and some prints for of my friend Caroline's baby). Lots of juice, toilet paper, paper towels, power bars, fruits, veggies & a set of steaks that we'll be enjoying on Monday in celebration of Memorial Day.

Happy Friday!

Quick post to wish everyone a happy friday and a wonderful extended weekend. Tonight my husband actually said he wished he could call in sick. For that thought to even cross his mind really makes me happy (not that I would ever encourage someone to lie about not being sick to miss work). He is such a work-a-holic that he doesn't normally even think about being at home at a time that the shop is open.

Yesterday a few of us from church went to pick strawberries. Oh my they are so delicious! Last night I actually did a little taste bite of a hand picked berry and one bite from a wal-mart berry. Oh yes there is a difference and I'm not sure I'll be able to eat one from a plastic container again. For breakfast we had a HUGE bowl of rice krispies with strawberries on it, for lunch we had a few berries and then for an afternoon snack we had vanilla pudding with oh yes, strawberries. What am I snack on right now, you guessed it strawberries. We officially have a berry picking basket, see those stains they to me are awesome and I can't wait to add some other colors. Blackberries and raspberries come into season in the next few weeks...guess where we'll be!

This weekend I am going to do something I've never done before...photograph a wedding. Okay so I've taken pictures weddings before (see cute boy, bride right there to the left) but I was not the official photographer, I'm feeling pressure to 'capture' the day for this happy couple. Keith works at the shop with James and he asked me a couple of weeks ago if I would mind doing it for them. Please pray that the images they are hoping for are captured.
In other news, one of the best scrapbook companies out there is Chatterbox. The company is a grassroots type, has a family feel and keeps producing awesome products. Their newest line Artsy.licious (love that name) it is awesome. The main designer, Melody is giving away some product...go enter!

I've gotten a couple of questions regarding our total at Sam's. I didn't take a picture of the loaded down truck (mainly because I didn't think to play this fun game until it was all cleared out). I can tell you that there were 33 total items (photos only count for 1).

Tonight was the season finale for Grey's Anatomy. They have totally outdone themselves. The characters have such depth it is awesome. Loved the ending!

May 21, 2008


Is it seriously already almost Thursday which means it is almost Memorial Day Weekend? Which also means that the Grey's Anatomy season finale is in less then 24 hours? Seriously? I just don't know where the time goes. We had a whirlwind Saturday and it really hasn't slowed down much from there. Early Saturday we got up and as a family participated in an event coordinated through church called SHINE. It was a community wide service project. We delivered donated food to the local food bank and helped sort it. I pray that Jameson grows up to have a giving heart, that would warm my heart and I'm sure it would be pleasing to God too. Straight from the food bank we headed to Georgia for a fun birthday party for Aubrey. These two little guys are such good friends. They play so nicely together.

After returning home to change clothes, get a refill on juice we headed back out to work on our garden. Now that was an adventure! The ground here is basically clay so we knew it was going to be tough. James said it was rock hard on the surface but once he got through that layer it was really soft. So we planted seeds and topped them with manure mixed top soil. Yes we were playing with boop (now that is something I never would have thought I would have been doing). Here is a picture of the garden at the end of the day.

So yesterday I was a lucky girl who got to talk to Shari who has moved to Germany. While I was chatting away I heard, crash. Oh yes we've now turned the corner into the world of broken glass from a thrown ball. He cracked the glass on one of the pictures in the hallway. No one was hurt and the little guy said, "but I didn't mean to do it". And of course the scrapbooker in my had to take a picture of it. See...

Daily I read an email devotional from Proverbs 31, which today was written by Amy Carroll. The closing prayer said "Dear Lord, sometimes I don’t understand your timing. It’s often very hard to wait, but I trust You. I want to rely on Your ways and Your timing. Help me to learn what I need to learn as I wait. In Jesus’ name, Amen." Such a great reminder that He is in control and that everything happens in His timing, we just have to have faith.

Okay now for a fun little game. We took a trip to Sams today to stock up on some stuff, which included pictures. So here is the game, guess what our total bill was. What is in it for you, besides the fun of guessing? Scrapbook supplies from Scrapping Buckeyes. Now if you're not a scrapbooker, maybe I'll create something for you with the supplies?! No limit to the number of guesses, winner must reside in either the US or Canada. If we don't have a winner by Friday evening, I'll pick the person that guesses closest. What is your guess on our summer stock up from Sams.

*Edited to add that the guessing is closed now**

May 15, 2008

Good eats!

Today we had BBQ from the new spotted big restaurant that is literally right outside of our development. I was asked by Shari to be sure to eat there lots while they are in Germany so it is still open when they return to the upstate! We tried it out and we're pretty pleased. They were already sold out of chicken though and we were there at 6 - either poor planning or some really good chicken?! For the most part everything was pretty good. We did the combo platters so we could try a variety of things. I got beef brisket and won't be getting that again, too much fat for my taste. Jameson got a pulled pork sandwich and loved it. Overall we're pleased with the new local restaurant.

Earlier today we spent the day at Jameson's school for his end of year program. He has officially graduated from the 2 year old program at Bethel. He was so proud of himself. Yesterday he even asked James if he was for sure going to come watch him sing in the big church. Sing he was so stinkin cute. I found out last week that all of the kids in his class will be returning in the fall. I hope we're able to connect with some of them over the summer so he will remember these early friends.

In other news, we've been invited to join in on growing a garden with some friends. The tilling is set to begin sometime soon so I'll keep you all posted. A few years ago I started a scrapbook about my life goals. Growing a garden is one of them so I'm excited to finish another page for this album. Now if I could get to milk a cow and learn to change a tired I'd be even closer to filling up the album.

Did you all notice the new fun widget I grabbed from the compassion website. It will rotate to show various children that are waiting to be sponsored. The compassion blog post today brought tears to my eyes. This organization is doing amazing things and it all starts with individuals helping others. We got a letter just yesterday from Jose, the 9 year old boy who we sponsor. He lives in the Dominican Republic. He wrote it himself which is so cute (it is in Spanish but is translated by a compassion employee). This is the first of many letters we will exchange. So exciting!

May 13, 2008


As previously promised here is the digital page I did from our visit to the strawberry patch (most items from Sugarplum). I was happy to find the prefect verse to include on this page about the harvest. Revelations 14:15

I've been meaning to post some links that are of interest to me. Today I read a post on the Compassion International site that really hit me. We live in such a privileged country that is sometimes easy to forget that not everyone lives just like us. Read this and tell me what you think. When I started my etsy site I knew that I wanted to donate 10% of my sales to a worthy cause...Compassion is where I'm donating. The idea that things are going to get worse is heartbreaking.

Another not quite as important link would be to let everyone know about social bookmarking. This a way to share links and save your favorites without being tired to one specific computer. Watch this video to find out the benefits.

And of course another regular site visited by reader. I love tracking lots of blogs for inspiration, updates from friends and lots more.

What cool links do you often use?

May 10, 2008


How it is great to enjoy the simple beauties that are all around us. Today the weather is perfect and so far we've done some simple things just the 3 of us. Yesterday was a contrast, I had a migraine. Oh how I've enjoyed the many years I've done without them. Not a pretty sight but so grateful that Aunt Tam was able to watch Jameson for us and I've rescheduled the scrapbook class. I feel bad not being able to keep commitments but it just wasn't going to happen yesterday. I actually layed down and took a 4 hour nap. So glad it was totally gone this morning when I woke up. So this morning we made our rounds to Ace, Home Depot and then Zone 7. James is now outside planting all of our finds. I got some new ones from Mother Crill for Mother's Day so he is getting those rooted as well. I do hope that all of our many mothers enjoy their day tomorrow and for anyone that is a mother, grandmother or nurtures another human being...celebrate a day for you!

Before we headed into town today I was working on some adpi things which included spray painting cardboard letters. Jameson was helping me - yeah! After I got done they were sitting on the edge of the yard and I mentioned to James "I bet you didn't think you'll have to deal with stuff like this 10 years after college." His response "You're fine as long as you don't start spraying the rocks with your letters." So funny. I'm reminded of the history that we have together and how it makes me smile.

One more thing to I learned about this bill on the tables which if passed would allow anyone to pull images from anywhere on the internet and use it as if it was their own. Frightening thought for those of us that use the internet to share our daily lives with long distance loved ones. Please read more here and take just a few minutes to write to your congressman (there is an online quick form so really it will only take a few minutes).

The picture here is Jameson on his new motorcycle that he got for his birthday from Grandma Susan & Joe Joe. He loves it so! Now I'm off to enjoy the awesome weather and my boys...along with the Fanello girls who are all coming to spend the night with us tonight!

May 8, 2008


Do you ever have one of those days that you totally realize that you've gotten yourself overextended? Today was one of those for me. However at the same time it was an idyllic day too and I was able to stay in the moment and enjoy it all. It started with me getting to sleep in an extra 30 minutes. Then Jameson skipped school so he could spend some extra time with Nana Susan and Joe Joe before they headed back to Ohio. James also spent the morning with us! I had Jameson's teacher gifts so I ran them over to the school (fresh strawberries - yum). When I got home James meet me in the garage and we went for a wonderful morning walk, just the two of us. After they were all on their way Jameson & I did a little straightening up around the house and then headed to Franklin County. It was around lunch time so I asked James if we could bring him lunch - he agreed; the surprise here is that he typically doesn't eat lunch and especially on a day that he went in to work later then normal. So we took lunch to him and ate it on a blanket on the lawn right in front of the plant. There were a few snickers from some of his co-workers but hey we were enjoying some family time when we could! Then we were off to the courthouse and on the way there Jameson fell asleep - not what I'd planned as I really needed to get home and get some stuff together for the album project I'm teaching tomorrow as well as some adpi stuff. Yet I was able to just enjoy the moment and read a magazine in the parking lot while I waited for the little man to wake up. I'm attempting to not try to control things like this and go with the flow a bit more - having too much control is losing sight of who is truly in control...God! After we got back we had some fun painting in the yard. Oh how I wish I had a picture of this moment. We had the mini table out in the yard with both of us sitting at the mini chairs painting. He is so creative and actually helped me get some stuff ready for the class tomorrow. We got all cleaned up from that, ran through the sprinkler for a moment (he wasn't too into that) and then went for a walk with a little stop at the swing by the beach to sit for a bit. Oh how blessed I feel. Now if only I could figure out a way to function without sleep or capture some additional hours in the day to get some projects done? Actually I'm attempting to clear off some things from my plate so I can experience the act of just being in the moment and enjoying my family and growing closer to God. An amazing thought that I only pray comes to pass.

May 7, 2008


Have you ever heard of a virtual party? I'm hosting one through a great etsy shop. Earlier this year I found Julie's jewelry on etsy. She created a necklace in the exact colors that I requested. For anyone that might be in need of some fun jewelry for the summer go check it out. And if you place an order before Friday and mention my name in the message to seller, I'll get credit on my party. And if this isn't a good time for you, remember puffluna the next time you do need some fun jewelry!

In other news, we're on a sugar high today from eating too many strawberries! We picked fresh strawberries yesterday with Nana Susan. It was so much fun. Jameson is at a great age to enjoy this activity. I warned the lady at Hardy Berry that she would be seeing lots of us this summer! I'm hoping to get a digital scrapbook page done sometime soon with the fun pictures from our day. Now we're off to the local courthouse to check some people for Acxiom then to the post office to mail off mother's day packages & flat Stanley pictures for cousin Morgen. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Birthday recap

Wow is all I can say. The birthday celebrations for Jameson are starting to wind down. This post is going to be more about pictures then words as I'm short on time. Monday started out with his friend party. We did it during the week so we were limited to the stay-at-home kiddos. Here is the crew...Lily, Phoeby, Jeb, Jameson & Aubrey. They we're lined up ready to rescue the animals (just like Diego). They all did really well, no fighting at all. I'd asked them all to say 3 and hold up 3 fingers (they are all 3 at this moment except Phoeby who turned 4 earlier this year). After rescuing the animals we moved inside for some pinata fun. Those things are hard to bust but the kids were all patient and got some fun goodies for their effort (Look at the funny face Jeb is making in the background - they were really swinging - so funny). After the pinata we had a little parachute fun which didn't last too long because we had just enough hands to hold all of the sides so when we lost just one it dropped all the floating balls. Enough of the games it was time for some lunch then onto the cupcakes. Jameson is really into blowing them out.

Now that was the fun filled morning, followed shortly by a nap and then another gathering at our house in the evening. This go around I made ice cream cake. He LOVED it.

May 5, 2008


The boy turns 3 today! 11:11 is the official time he entered the world 3 years ago. He is so excited to be 3. He has been telling everyone all about it and showing them how he can hold up just 3 fingers. So cute. I almost can't believe it has been 3 years since he joined our family. I can honestly say that I feel like I've been blessed to treasure each and every step of this journey. He is the absolute best son, I couldn't have prayed for a better one - the good, the bad, we'll take it all. From baby to boy!

May 2, 2008


Where does the time go? The last week has flown by and the 2 before that went even faster. And then I realize that honestly the last 3 YEARS have gone by in the blink of an eye. Our little guy turns 3 in just a few short days. Our time in Ohio was enjoyable and I have lots of stories to tell but not enough time now to type them all out so I'll post some pictures. I know that some are turned yet again I don't have time to turn them so you'll just have to tilt to see some (sorry but it was either this or only post a couple of pics :). And in case you don't already know this, if you click on the image it will open a larger version in a new window or for most of the grandparents, you can put on your extra set of eyes! Now I'm off to bed! Oh but wait I do have one more set of pictures to you show everyone, our newly painted walls. Love them. You'll also notice the wooden window boxes. Love them too. Dad made them for us. Initially the idea came to me when I realized that I really wanted all of the scrapbooks out in the main living area so everyone could actually look at them. The boxes also serve as a great hiding place for toys, blankets, speakers, etc. They are stained to a great golden color that pulls out pieces from other places in the house. I especially love how they blend in with the floors. Oh I feel so comfy here. And the crazy thing is that I didn't realize how uncozy it felt before. Jeannie thank YOU (Paul's wife is the artist behind the great paint job!). Now I'm really off to bed for real this time...