September 28, 2008

Bad blogger!

I know, I know I've been a really bad blogger. What have we been doing? Me, getting a head start on Christmas gift making and doing a little with Heartland Select. Jameson, learning to officially pronounce his name correctly and identifying lots of J's all over. On the way to church this morning he even twisted up his string cheese into the shape of a J - he so loves the letter J. And what has James been up to? Searching for my next vehicle and maybe a new watch to go with it? Not really about the watch but he has been on the look out for an MDX for me.

Last week we headed to the zoo with Sarah and her kiddos. We had such a good time. The weather was awesome, good friends to share the adventure and the Siamang put on a great show for us.
And we're all excited to head north this coming weekend to see a few friends from college. So excited!

September 22, 2008

Card winner!

Okay ladies we have a winner of the cards...Crystal is the lucky girl. Jameson was so funny when he pulled the slip of paper out. He said what does it say. I told him Crystal. His response, oh I know her and I like her. So funny since she is an online friend that he hasn't even ever seen pictures of. Well except for this sweet picture of her bitty baby Stella (we did a picture swap so I could have some girly love to play with!). Here are a few of my recent creations. I finished up Jameson's preschool album for this year and went ahead and did the one for next year. Now that is a great feeling to have that all ready to just put papers in as he
comes home from school each day (I don't actually keep everything. I scan them when we get home and then decide on a few for each month to actually keep. The rest go in the trash.)

Hope you're having a great week. We're enjoying the cooler weather in the morning. Have I told you lately how much I LOVE fall?!

September 20, 2008


I'm so excited to announce that I've been selected to become a new hybrid chick at The Digichick. This is one of the leading edge digital scrapbooking websites. So for all of my wonderful blog'll be seeing some new fun things in the coming months. Here are a few of the latest creations that I've been working on. Post a comment here telling me your favorite type of hybrid item (by Sunday at midnight EST). Of those that post I'll send the winner a set of 4 'hey there' cards.

September 19, 2008


Today I feel like God has sprinkled me with some extra blessings. After waking up and getting Jameson to school I came home and scrapbooked the entire time. And that isn't even the end of these blessings. Mother Crill and Joe are here for a little visit and while I was being creative MC was in the kitchen being creative too...with a fresh pumpkin. Jameson picked one up at the grocery store earlier this week and I'd told him that if he asked nicely I thought his Nana Susan would probably make him a pie...and she did just that this morning. Then the two of us headed out to pick up the boy from school. I received some wonderful news. Not only did Jameson get to pick out of the honey pot but he got to get something from Mel-Mel's pot (which apparently is stocked better than his teachers pot). While the two classes were out at the playground, they were lining up to go inside. Almost all of the kids started running around, but Jameson stood right where he was supposed to be. Now for anyone that knows our active little boy, that was a major temptation. This so warms my heart that he make such a good decision and obeying his teacher - I know that God is smiling down on him. And still this isn't the end of the blessings for today (and gosh the day isn't but half over). I was just putting Jameson down for nap and before we pray I ask him if he has anything special he would like to pray about or for. Normally he wants to pray for his future car that will have fire coming out of it (thanks Uncle Greg). Not today, I was telling him about how we should pray for Austin & Avery (Kelley's family) since they still don't have power from when Ike rolled through Ohio last weekend. He looked at me and say, well maybe we should invite them to our house so they can come play and have power here. I almost want to cry at the caring boy that I have been blessed to raise. God is great!

In other news, be on the look out this weekend...I have some exciting scrapbooking news to share with everyone! I am so excited!!

September 14, 2008

Baby scrapbooks?

Are you or anyone you know in need of a baby scrapbook? A few months ago I'd mentioned that Becky Higgins put together a school kit (which I got for Jameson & love it). Well now she is offering a similar kit to document the early life of a baby. It is the KOTM (kit of the month) for October. It will sell out...quickly, so be sure to grab it on 10/1!

I'm off to do a little paper creating. I'm feeling the need for a really late night in my scrapbook room! That is after I kiss my boys good night just one more time! To all of our family & friends that have been affected by Ike...we're praying for you.

September 13, 2008

Busy, fun times!

Wow have we been having fun lately. Jameson (& Granpa-Papa) on the new playground (aka rope swing) and me with a new found way to use some digi scrapbooking items on clothes! What do you think??

And last night to celebrate our 9th anniversary James & I actually went out to dinner as a couple and stayed in Greenville. It was nice just to walk to dinner, enjoy a good meal, a few drinks and stroll back to the hotel. Downtown Greenville really is a hip place to be. Then this morning we got up and went shopping! I found TWO pairs of jeans (okay that has to almost be a record for me - I always seem to have trouble finding jeans that fit). I also might have found my new vehicle. The only problem was it is black. I'm not sure hubby is ready for us to own such a difficult color. I'll keep you posted on that one!

Hope you're also having a great weekend!

September 10, 2008

Quirky things...

I know I've been a bit absent from the blog these days. Jameson is back in school and I haven't stayed home one of those mornings. Getting lots of errands done and helping out at church so as much as I think I get time to get things done (like blogging), it just hasn't happened. And this week my dad & deb are here visiting so I've been spending time with them! Here are a few pictures that we've taken lately. Dad did a bit of fixing up around the house (gotten love a great talented guy like him!) He repaired the rotten boards on the front steps, hung quite a few pictures around the house that just hadn't been done yet and tomorrow we're going to work on setting up a rope swing for Jameson (really I think we might all enjoy this toy!). Debbie and I made some yummy applesauce (I never knew how simple it really was to make). It is so delicious.

So today I was reading up on my google reader and found that yesterday, Heather had tagged me. Here are the rules, link back to the person who tagged you. List the rules on your blog. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of your own and tag 6 "unsuspecting" bloggers to complete. Pretty simple,eh? Until you get to the 6 unspectacular quirks of your own. That's tough (well not too hard for me since I'm a quirky kinda girl! I actually just asked D&D what was quirky about me because I couldn't think of 6 things - their response was if I couldn't think of something quirky about myself that in itself makes me quirky! haha - funny!).

Here goes...

1. That I over analyze certain things, like how long we'll spend to do something and what we're going to do next, etc (this is especially evident during trips).

2. Okay something that many people yell at me about, I walk in flip-flops. My reef flops truly are more comfortable to me than sneakers. (I actually just got back from a walk with Debbie & Carrie - love a little girl time!)

3. I can't go to bed at night with almost anything in the kitchen sink. It causes me to be a bit grumpy in the morning when there is a task to be done like dishes.

4. Speaking of mornings, it is hard for me to get right out of the bed when the alarm goes off. Hitting snooze at least once helps me get up in a better mood.

5. I really enjoy drinking hot water with lemon, no tea, honey, or anything extra just water & lemon.

6. Not that this is really that unusual (at least I don't think so), I sleep with my feet outside of the covers, but only for the first few minutes of the night then I snuggle in all under the covers.

(Okay so I just thought of one more, I don't like to have my food touch. Like right now I'm about to enjoy a yummy homemade apple pie with ice cream - one bowl & one plate for me!)

Now to tag some others... Abby, Caroline, Crystal, Sarah Ha, Sarah Hi, & Shari. Can't wait to read about my quirky friends!

September 4, 2008

Preschooler! (& Anniversary!)

The boy started preschool today! He was so excited. Got right up this morning and started practicing his Yes Ma'am response to things. When we got to the school we parked the truck and walked in. He was way ahead of me and knew right where to go. When we got to his class we found the rest of his classmates already there. The other 3 from last year were happily playing while the two new kiddos were still being hugged by their parents, both of which were not looking very excited about things. As I was walking out of the classroom his teacher gave me a pat to remind me that it would be okay. Now that got me a bit upset. I know this is good for both of us, it is just hard at times being separated from this boy.

When I picked him up I found out that he got a special treat from the hunny pot for being such a good student today...yeah! As a special treat we headed to the neighborhood park for a little bit. He so loves to be outside in the fresh air and since the temps have been so awesome lately it is a good place to go. This evening the 3 of us went out on a little adventure. James went for a massage so Jameson & I had an hour to get into something in Clemson. We found the farmers market on campus. It was pretty picked over by the time we got there. Jameson was upset that there weren't animals there (he just head farmer not market!). Then we stopped by the consignment sale that is going on this week. We got out of there only spending $6 - not typical for me! He got a 'new' mini 4-wheeler and a spider man shirt. And if that wasn't enough excitement for one day, we picked up James and went to Chick-fil-A. We so love that place!

Today I received an email asking for us to vote about the keeping the phrase "In God We Trust" on the US currency. Go here to be heard.

And now that it is after midnight...I can officially say Happy Anniversary to my dear hubby. 9 years ago today we were united as one. At times it is hard to believe it has been that long yet other times I look back at where we were and how far we've come. James I love you more today than ever before!

September 1, 2008

You know you're old when...

Okay I'm feeling a bit old today. Why? I'm watching the weather channel! Not only that I'm also excited to be home alone during the daylight hours. James is taking his car to the shop for a little repair & Jameson is playing with a friend next door. And what am I doing? Working on a little Heartland stuff and blogging. Lots of fun! Now for real though I don't really feel old. Isn't it funny that when you get to a certain age that you used to think was old just doesn't seem that old.

Friday we invited Jameson's friend Cade to spend the day with us. They were having so much fun at the park. These two are so fun to watch when they are playing.

One day last week when I was making dinner Jameson was helping me. It was so funny. I made a goat cheese linguine and added some shrimp. This little guy loves shrimp so much that he was taking the tails and sucking out the meat.

This weekend we have a good time just basically hanging out. I better run so I can go join Jameson at the neighbors house. Hope you're having a great weekend too!

One more thing...I created a sample for the September PageMaps newsletter. Here is the link!