September 19, 2008


Today I feel like God has sprinkled me with some extra blessings. After waking up and getting Jameson to school I came home and scrapbooked the entire time. And that isn't even the end of these blessings. Mother Crill and Joe are here for a little visit and while I was being creative MC was in the kitchen being creative too...with a fresh pumpkin. Jameson picked one up at the grocery store earlier this week and I'd told him that if he asked nicely I thought his Nana Susan would probably make him a pie...and she did just that this morning. Then the two of us headed out to pick up the boy from school. I received some wonderful news. Not only did Jameson get to pick out of the honey pot but he got to get something from Mel-Mel's pot (which apparently is stocked better than his teachers pot). While the two classes were out at the playground, they were lining up to go inside. Almost all of the kids started running around, but Jameson stood right where he was supposed to be. Now for anyone that knows our active little boy, that was a major temptation. This so warms my heart that he make such a good decision and obeying his teacher - I know that God is smiling down on him. And still this isn't the end of the blessings for today (and gosh the day isn't but half over). I was just putting Jameson down for nap and before we pray I ask him if he has anything special he would like to pray about or for. Normally he wants to pray for his future car that will have fire coming out of it (thanks Uncle Greg). Not today, I was telling him about how we should pray for Austin & Avery (Kelley's family) since they still don't have power from when Ike rolled through Ohio last weekend. He looked at me and say, well maybe we should invite them to our house so they can come play and have power here. I almost want to cry at the caring boy that I have been blessed to raise. God is great!

In other news, be on the look out this weekend...I have some exciting scrapbooking news to share with everyone! I am so excited!!


Abby C said...

He is indeed a thoughtful little fella. Just like his mom! I am still enjoying my neck heating wrap! Ha!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how sweet! I wish A & A (and their mama) could have come over to your house!