September 22, 2008

Card winner!

Okay ladies we have a winner of the cards...Crystal is the lucky girl. Jameson was so funny when he pulled the slip of paper out. He said what does it say. I told him Crystal. His response, oh I know her and I like her. So funny since she is an online friend that he hasn't even ever seen pictures of. Well except for this sweet picture of her bitty baby Stella (we did a picture swap so I could have some girly love to play with!). Here are a few of my recent creations. I finished up Jameson's preschool album for this year and went ahead and did the one for next year. Now that is a great feeling to have that all ready to just put papers in as he
comes home from school each day (I don't actually keep everything. I scan them when we get home and then decide on a few for each month to actually keep. The rest go in the trash.)

Hope you're having a great week. We're enjoying the cooler weather in the morning. Have I told you lately how much I LOVE fall?!

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Sarah said...

Love the watch out page. It's great! We had fun with you guys today! Thanks for going with us.