May 13, 2008


As previously promised here is the digital page I did from our visit to the strawberry patch (most items from Sugarplum). I was happy to find the prefect verse to include on this page about the harvest. Revelations 14:15

I've been meaning to post some links that are of interest to me. Today I read a post on the Compassion International site that really hit me. We live in such a privileged country that is sometimes easy to forget that not everyone lives just like us. Read this and tell me what you think. When I started my etsy site I knew that I wanted to donate 10% of my sales to a worthy cause...Compassion is where I'm donating. The idea that things are going to get worse is heartbreaking.

Another not quite as important link would be to let everyone know about social bookmarking. This a way to share links and save your favorites without being tired to one specific computer. Watch this video to find out the benefits.

And of course another regular site visited by reader. I love tracking lots of blogs for inspiration, updates from friends and lots more.

What cool links do you often use?


Sarah said...

Shoot... just lost a long comment!

I signed up for How do I find you?

Here are my top 3...
--facebook, I like this so much better than myspace... not sure why, just suits my fancy so much better and seems so much more seamless
--gmail, I must admit I started hearing about gmail years ago and thought it must have been some sort of cult or something... had no clue how it could have been any better than yahoo. wow, was I ever wrong.
--igoogle, I definately love this one... it is my for sure favorite. This site allows me to set my homepage to a "desktop" that at a glance shows me my clock, gmail, google reader, weather in several places, some cute ladybugs that try to avoid my cursor, a world daylight map, and a game for when I need to kick back and kill some time. It is completely customizeable to my needs/desires. Heck, I even have a cute little "theme" at the top that shows me a frog and a ladybug who seem to love camping under the stars at night and cooking over open flames during the day! Ya just can't beat that!

Crystal said...

I love the LO!! The pictures, the verse, the shaped lined paper, the colors - so, so cool!! And how I wish we could go out to the patch and pick some now but it will be at least 6 - 8 weeks before there are any ready around here. Enjoy some for me, okay?!!