May 7, 2008

Birthday recap

Wow is all I can say. The birthday celebrations for Jameson are starting to wind down. This post is going to be more about pictures then words as I'm short on time. Monday started out with his friend party. We did it during the week so we were limited to the stay-at-home kiddos. Here is the crew...Lily, Phoeby, Jeb, Jameson & Aubrey. They we're lined up ready to rescue the animals (just like Diego). They all did really well, no fighting at all. I'd asked them all to say 3 and hold up 3 fingers (they are all 3 at this moment except Phoeby who turned 4 earlier this year). After rescuing the animals we moved inside for some pinata fun. Those things are hard to bust but the kids were all patient and got some fun goodies for their effort (Look at the funny face Jeb is making in the background - they were really swinging - so funny). After the pinata we had a little parachute fun which didn't last too long because we had just enough hands to hold all of the sides so when we lost just one it dropped all the floating balls. Enough of the games it was time for some lunch then onto the cupcakes. Jameson is really into blowing them out.

Now that was the fun filled morning, followed shortly by a nap and then another gathering at our house in the evening. This go around I made ice cream cake. He LOVED it.