May 8, 2008


Do you ever have one of those days that you totally realize that you've gotten yourself overextended? Today was one of those for me. However at the same time it was an idyllic day too and I was able to stay in the moment and enjoy it all. It started with me getting to sleep in an extra 30 minutes. Then Jameson skipped school so he could spend some extra time with Nana Susan and Joe Joe before they headed back to Ohio. James also spent the morning with us! I had Jameson's teacher gifts so I ran them over to the school (fresh strawberries - yum). When I got home James meet me in the garage and we went for a wonderful morning walk, just the two of us. After they were all on their way Jameson & I did a little straightening up around the house and then headed to Franklin County. It was around lunch time so I asked James if we could bring him lunch - he agreed; the surprise here is that he typically doesn't eat lunch and especially on a day that he went in to work later then normal. So we took lunch to him and ate it on a blanket on the lawn right in front of the plant. There were a few snickers from some of his co-workers but hey we were enjoying some family time when we could! Then we were off to the courthouse and on the way there Jameson fell asleep - not what I'd planned as I really needed to get home and get some stuff together for the album project I'm teaching tomorrow as well as some adpi stuff. Yet I was able to just enjoy the moment and read a magazine in the parking lot while I waited for the little man to wake up. I'm attempting to not try to control things like this and go with the flow a bit more - having too much control is losing sight of who is truly in control...God! After we got back we had some fun painting in the yard. Oh how I wish I had a picture of this moment. We had the mini table out in the yard with both of us sitting at the mini chairs painting. He is so creative and actually helped me get some stuff ready for the class tomorrow. We got all cleaned up from that, ran through the sprinkler for a moment (he wasn't too into that) and then went for a walk with a little stop at the swing by the beach to sit for a bit. Oh how blessed I feel. Now if only I could figure out a way to function without sleep or capture some additional hours in the day to get some projects done? Actually I'm attempting to clear off some things from my plate so I can experience the act of just being in the moment and enjoying my family and growing closer to God. An amazing thought that I only pray comes to pass.

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Crystal said...

What a cute idea to send strawberries to school for the teacher! I would have enjoyed that when I was teaching :)) It sounds like you are very busy enjoying summer already. I agree with you about having time - and energy - to draw closer to the Lord. I've been able to do that this year and it is indeed a blessing. I'll be praying that things work that way for you too.