May 21, 2008


Is it seriously already almost Thursday which means it is almost Memorial Day Weekend? Which also means that the Grey's Anatomy season finale is in less then 24 hours? Seriously? I just don't know where the time goes. We had a whirlwind Saturday and it really hasn't slowed down much from there. Early Saturday we got up and as a family participated in an event coordinated through church called SHINE. It was a community wide service project. We delivered donated food to the local food bank and helped sort it. I pray that Jameson grows up to have a giving heart, that would warm my heart and I'm sure it would be pleasing to God too. Straight from the food bank we headed to Georgia for a fun birthday party for Aubrey. These two little guys are such good friends. They play so nicely together.

After returning home to change clothes, get a refill on juice we headed back out to work on our garden. Now that was an adventure! The ground here is basically clay so we knew it was going to be tough. James said it was rock hard on the surface but once he got through that layer it was really soft. So we planted seeds and topped them with manure mixed top soil. Yes we were playing with boop (now that is something I never would have thought I would have been doing). Here is a picture of the garden at the end of the day.

So yesterday I was a lucky girl who got to talk to Shari who has moved to Germany. While I was chatting away I heard, crash. Oh yes we've now turned the corner into the world of broken glass from a thrown ball. He cracked the glass on one of the pictures in the hallway. No one was hurt and the little guy said, "but I didn't mean to do it". And of course the scrapbooker in my had to take a picture of it. See...

Daily I read an email devotional from Proverbs 31, which today was written by Amy Carroll. The closing prayer said "Dear Lord, sometimes I don’t understand your timing. It’s often very hard to wait, but I trust You. I want to rely on Your ways and Your timing. Help me to learn what I need to learn as I wait. In Jesus’ name, Amen." Such a great reminder that He is in control and that everything happens in His timing, we just have to have faith.

Okay now for a fun little game. We took a trip to Sams today to stock up on some stuff, which included pictures. So here is the game, guess what our total bill was. What is in it for you, besides the fun of guessing? Scrapbook supplies from Scrapping Buckeyes. Now if you're not a scrapbooker, maybe I'll create something for you with the supplies?! No limit to the number of guesses, winner must reside in either the US or Canada. If we don't have a winner by Friday evening, I'll pick the person that guesses closest. What is your guess on our summer stock up from Sams.

*Edited to add that the guessing is closed now**


Sarah said...

Oh, goodness... I get to guess first, huh? Um... a summer stock up.... I am going with $127.43!

I miss you friend! I am glad you got to participate in SHINE. We were in MI so we didn't get to go (we did take some food donations though.) I bet there was a buzz around town!

Sarah said...

Ok, I am thinking around $209. I can't really leave Sam's with much less than that.

Talk to you soon!

Crystal said...

Hmmm - you don't give many clues! But knowing that you only have 1 little guy and that things (including pictures!) are generally cheaper in the States than up here, I'm going to guess $157.34. I'm curious to know what you stocked up on - a picture would be helpful :)) Have fun putting it all away!

Anonymous said...

I need to go to Sam's Club too for a stock up too! My guess is $186.59!!
Lex says Hi!

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing $251.03. Too bad you didn't take a picture of the truck - would we have had a good chuckle at how loaded down it was?

Anonymous said...

If you were stocking up for summer and if James was with you I would guess $395.00
Am I close