May 15, 2008

Good eats!

Today we had BBQ from the new spotted big restaurant that is literally right outside of our development. I was asked by Shari to be sure to eat there lots while they are in Germany so it is still open when they return to the upstate! We tried it out and we're pretty pleased. They were already sold out of chicken though and we were there at 6 - either poor planning or some really good chicken?! For the most part everything was pretty good. We did the combo platters so we could try a variety of things. I got beef brisket and won't be getting that again, too much fat for my taste. Jameson got a pulled pork sandwich and loved it. Overall we're pleased with the new local restaurant.

Earlier today we spent the day at Jameson's school for his end of year program. He has officially graduated from the 2 year old program at Bethel. He was so proud of himself. Yesterday he even asked James if he was for sure going to come watch him sing in the big church. Sing he was so stinkin cute. I found out last week that all of the kids in his class will be returning in the fall. I hope we're able to connect with some of them over the summer so he will remember these early friends.

In other news, we've been invited to join in on growing a garden with some friends. The tilling is set to begin sometime soon so I'll keep you all posted. A few years ago I started a scrapbook about my life goals. Growing a garden is one of them so I'm excited to finish another page for this album. Now if I could get to milk a cow and learn to change a tired I'd be even closer to filling up the album.

Did you all notice the new fun widget I grabbed from the compassion website. It will rotate to show various children that are waiting to be sponsored. The compassion blog post today brought tears to my eyes. This organization is doing amazing things and it all starts with individuals helping others. We got a letter just yesterday from Jose, the 9 year old boy who we sponsor. He lives in the Dominican Republic. He wrote it himself which is so cute (it is in Spanish but is translated by a compassion employee). This is the first of many letters we will exchange. So exciting!


Anonymous said...

Cute pictures of Jameson's program! WIsh I could have seen it!

Did I tell you that Avery sponsored a girl from CI? When we were at a Casting Crowns concert, she was really moved by the presentation. We found a little girl who is just a few days older than her. We're hoping it develops a little compassion in our girl!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to try out the spotted pig myself. Love Jameson's I'm a little teapot demo. He looks so much like his daddy in the white t-shirt polo and jeans.
Love MC

Crystal said...

What a cute little group of friends there! Have fun planting and caring for your garden. I have radishes, lettuce, onions and some peas up in my garden. I really need to get the rest of it planted this weekend! If you lived closer to me I could show you how to milk a cow :))

Mom said...

Just like Mom....the performer!!! Ham !!!