May 23, 2008

Happy Friday!

Quick post to wish everyone a happy friday and a wonderful extended weekend. Tonight my husband actually said he wished he could call in sick. For that thought to even cross his mind really makes me happy (not that I would ever encourage someone to lie about not being sick to miss work). He is such a work-a-holic that he doesn't normally even think about being at home at a time that the shop is open.

Yesterday a few of us from church went to pick strawberries. Oh my they are so delicious! Last night I actually did a little taste bite of a hand picked berry and one bite from a wal-mart berry. Oh yes there is a difference and I'm not sure I'll be able to eat one from a plastic container again. For breakfast we had a HUGE bowl of rice krispies with strawberries on it, for lunch we had a few berries and then for an afternoon snack we had vanilla pudding with oh yes, strawberries. What am I snack on right now, you guessed it strawberries. We officially have a berry picking basket, see those stains they to me are awesome and I can't wait to add some other colors. Blackberries and raspberries come into season in the next few weeks...guess where we'll be!

This weekend I am going to do something I've never done before...photograph a wedding. Okay so I've taken pictures weddings before (see cute boy, bride right there to the left) but I was not the official photographer, I'm feeling pressure to 'capture' the day for this happy couple. Keith works at the shop with James and he asked me a couple of weeks ago if I would mind doing it for them. Please pray that the images they are hoping for are captured.
In other news, one of the best scrapbook companies out there is Chatterbox. The company is a grassroots type, has a family feel and keeps producing awesome products. Their newest line Artsy.licious (love that name) it is awesome. The main designer, Melody is giving away some product...go enter!

I've gotten a couple of questions regarding our total at Sam's. I didn't take a picture of the loaded down truck (mainly because I didn't think to play this fun game until it was all cleared out). I can tell you that there were 33 total items (photos only count for 1).

Tonight was the season finale for Grey's Anatomy. They have totally outdone themselves. The characters have such depth it is awesome. Loved the ending!


Michelle Morgan said...

Hey Jill! I just wanted to say that all the pictures you have done that I have seen are awesome. You wont have any trouble capturing the moment for them. The effects you use always turn out great. Dont be nervous. If I ever get married I may call you myself!

Good Luck,
Michelle Morgan

Anonymous said...

Jill, I love to look at all of the pictures that you take. You have the girft of catching the essence of the moment in your pictures. The pictures you took of Caree and Chris' wedding tell that story.