May 10, 2008


How it is great to enjoy the simple beauties that are all around us. Today the weather is perfect and so far we've done some simple things just the 3 of us. Yesterday was a contrast, I had a migraine. Oh how I've enjoyed the many years I've done without them. Not a pretty sight but so grateful that Aunt Tam was able to watch Jameson for us and I've rescheduled the scrapbook class. I feel bad not being able to keep commitments but it just wasn't going to happen yesterday. I actually layed down and took a 4 hour nap. So glad it was totally gone this morning when I woke up. So this morning we made our rounds to Ace, Home Depot and then Zone 7. James is now outside planting all of our finds. I got some new ones from Mother Crill for Mother's Day so he is getting those rooted as well. I do hope that all of our many mothers enjoy their day tomorrow and for anyone that is a mother, grandmother or nurtures another human being...celebrate a day for you!

Before we headed into town today I was working on some adpi things which included spray painting cardboard letters. Jameson was helping me - yeah! After I got done they were sitting on the edge of the yard and I mentioned to James "I bet you didn't think you'll have to deal with stuff like this 10 years after college." His response "You're fine as long as you don't start spraying the rocks with your letters." So funny. I'm reminded of the history that we have together and how it makes me smile.

One more thing to I learned about this bill on the tables which if passed would allow anyone to pull images from anywhere on the internet and use it as if it was their own. Frightening thought for those of us that use the internet to share our daily lives with long distance loved ones. Please read more here and take just a few minutes to write to your congressman (there is an online quick form so really it will only take a few minutes).

The picture here is Jameson on his new motorcycle that he got for his birthday from Grandma Susan & Joe Joe. He loves it so! Now I'm off to enjoy the awesome weather and my boys...along with the Fanello girls who are all coming to spend the night with us tonight!

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