July 1, 2008


We're here! After 8 hours in the car we made it to Xenia earlier this week. Not a very eventful drive - which is just the way we like it. Julia didn't have a good time but overall I think she did well since she was car sick most of the ride. We were grateful we didn't have any sickies actually in our car (we caravanned with Aunt Tam). I have noticed that whenever Jameson has a cold his motion sickness is worse. We're going to Cedar Point next week so hopefully everyone will be able to enjoy the fun rides?!

To give you all an update from last week. The presentations went well. There was really only one spot that I almost passed out. Not really sure why I stop breathing when I'm talking in front of crowds but when it happens my voice starts to quiver and it is not pretty. In addition to the breakout sessions that we were leading, I even had to add another little speaking role to the list...I was in a skit - I am so not an actor. As embarrassing as this is, I'm posting a picture here so you all can really see what fun we have in our voluntary roles! For the skit we were talking about the various 'hats' that alumnae in ADPi can wear. I really think the message was received too - yeah! The first group shot is of the team that lead the seminar. I really enjoyed working with Renee & Marcy on our sections. These are some outstanding sisters! The second group is all of the alumnae directors (minus 2 that weren't able to make it to Atlanta). At the summer workshops this is when I really get to see the rest of the AD team. I didn't feel like I really got to spend too much time with them this year - I missed you all. Watch out Orlando...the site of our 2009 Convention! The picture of Alphie cracks me up, Arlene did such a great job with all her bling!
During our free afternoon a couple of us headed downtown to check out the sites. We had lunch in the CNN center and then headed through Centennial park and onto the Coke-Cola museum. Nickelodeon was entertaining people in the park. It was so neat to see the mix of faces that were enjoying themselves. It was quite warm (about 95) so most everyone was either in the shade or in the one fountain that still had water. When you see empty fountains it is a visual reminder that we are still in drought. I had a really good time spending the afternoon with some of my fellow frozen north friends...Cara, Jenny & Christy. The picture in front of the Coke museum makes me laugh. Mainly because we didn't even actually go on the tour. The line to even get into the building was about an hour long and then we would still have to go on the tour. So instead we opted to wander through the store. It was neat to see all the stuff and we did get a to take a glance into the tasting room. Sometime I would really like to get back there for a tour but I'm guessing a Saturday in June is not the best time to try.
The night before we left for Ohio we had a good dinner together as a family. Images like this make me miss home. James is such a good father. We excited that he is coming to visit with us next week.
Later this week we're excited to get to Ashland for the Balloon Fest. I haven't attended since college. I'm so excited to share this with Jameson.

On another note, reading things like this from Compassion really make me so grateful and hopeful that there will eventually be enough. We know we have our next meal but remembering that not everyone does is affecting me.


Sarah Hayes said...

Hey, Jill! I am glad to see you are having a good time! I look forward to being able to play again, too, although... I know you will look at me kinda funny! We need to talk! ;o)

Crystal said...

It sounds like you are having a great summer!! Enjoy the friends, the visiting, the new sights, and all the action. It looks like your camera is being well used!