July 24, 2008


I just got tagged from Sarah.

1. Ten Years Ago- It was the summer after graduating from Ashland. And I was selling cars for College Hills. James was working at Mohican before he completed one more semester at AU. It was a great time. In September of that year James proposed! We had our engagements pictures taken (while we were in Ohio just last week we did another photo session in the same exact spot - fun! Thank you again Anne! Anyone in Medina, Ohio contact her for your next portrait session - Snapshots of Faith).

2. Five Things on Today's To Do List- Relax, officially blog about our Ohio trip, take a few pictures, get caught up on blogs in google reader & go to bed at a decent time

3. Snacks I Enjoy- Ice Cream in Ohio, muffins & lime chips

4. Places I've Lived- Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia & South Carolina

5. Four People I'm Tagging- Sarah (the other one!), Shari, Christy & Kristen

And as promised earlier today, I will be back eventually to post more about what we've been up to, just not yet. No it really wasn't THAT interesting so don't hold your breath or anything, just have lots to say and not enough time right now to do it!

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