July 7, 2008

Lots to update...

We've been busy and enjoy some time to really enjoy our family & friends. Wow how I am learning to truly appreciate the awesome computer set up we have at home (thanks James). Not that I don't think I could live without it, but having it does make things so much easier. I've stolen a few hours of alone time at Panera to get some blogging done (reading & posting) and possibly some additional digi pages. I've posted a few of the recent ones that I've done - this is the reason I love digi scrapbooking. I could never have gotten creative time in while traveling. This lets my brain have the outlet I need without dragging all my stuff along for the ride!

We've been having a great time visiting with family and friends. Jameson really enjoyed the 4th of July and we didn't even actually see big fireworks. While visiting Kelley we had a fun day at the pool. Avery did a dive off of the diving board or the first time and Jameson got this huge popsicle. It was so big and he ate the entire thing. He is totally loving ice cream and most anything cool like that. That evening Kelley & I put on a fun display for the kids. They loved it!
Then on the 4th we arrived in Mansfield. We had a good time with almost the entire Luers family. Jameson had a great time playing with everyone. He especially enjoyed the smoke bombs that were lite at dusk. He made some funny faces. Once it started to get a bit darker we were treated to another round of backyard fireworks. I did an entire scrapbook page about him playing with fireworks. He loved them. Then on Saturday we headed to Ashland for the BalloonFest. Oh what fun that was. There were nearly 30 balloons that flew by. There was an X that they were supposed to land in, but the wind seemed to be a bit off so not one of them was able to hit the mark. We had a great time watching them try though!
Yesterday we spent the afternoon with some Jarvis'. Grandpa Jarvis was full of stories for us. I love this man - every time I see him he tells me how pretty & young I look! No wonder I love him so much - haha. Really though he is such a loving man. After we spent some time with him, I got to practice
some photography stuff on Brandt. He graduates from high school next year so I offered to take his senior pictures. We had a good time. Take a look at the next post for my favorite pictures.
And earlier today I got to finish a project I'd been wanting to do for sometime now. I added some fun fabric to my recycled walmart bag. Sarah shared her green fabric with me and I added the background. I think it turned out cute. Can't wait to use it!
Well I'm off to visit a bit with another loved one! Hope you're having a great day too!


Sarah said...

Love the bag! And I love Brandt's pics. Good job. Sounds like you are having fun! We miss you back here though!I have jury duty tomorrow so say a prayer for me!

Our Family... said...

This is a message for Jameson from HC...I liked seeing the picture of your Grandpa. That hot air balloon looked like fun. Want to ride on it with me? Love, Hannah Claire