July 27, 2008


Okay so I have said I was going to write about our trip. I'm just not there yet. And as we all know life keeps moving so instead of missing the things that are currently happening, I'm going to share them NOW. (I will eventually go back but for now it is current stuff.) So today I watched father and son put up a new mailbox at our house. It was so cute watching them work together. Jameson even got a splinter from the shovel. Real mans work, right? Speaking of guys, a few days ago Greg asked me to take a few pictures of his latest car, 1964 Ford Fairlane (does one guy really need 4 vehicles? Probaby not but they all have different personalities - so he says!) If I remember correctly I think my dad had a car like this at some point.

This evening was girls night with my church friends. Basically a group of us (a different mix every single month when we get together) spent the evening laughing, sharing books, inspiration and played a few fun games. One of which was spoons. I took a chance to attempt to photograph a fast paced action (since I was out first - I couldn't just sit there, right? ha). I love the look on Bridget's face as sh goes for the spoon. We had a great evening. These are all such great women! Before the others showed up Abby & I took Caleb on a bit of a photo shoot. He is such a wonderful baby. I couldn't decide on which picture I liked best so here are a few (these are all SOOC - straight out of the camera). Tomorrow (okay later this morning) is the first Sunday for Foothills in the new building. We are so so excited!! If you're close by, join us! It will be awesome...God will be there!


Anonymous said...

You are so talented with the camera, not to mention that you had one handsome little guy to work with!!! I love the elephant ear backdrop. Loved seeing the girls night out pictures, but it makes me miss you guys even more. Talk with you soon-sd

Anonymous said...

You are one RAD friend. You inspire me to become more techno everyday...among other more noble things...Thanks so much for making me feel special and loved...my kid's pic on your blog!!! WOW...if I could figure out how to characterize you on facebook it would be ...KIND...for sure!! AC

Sarah Hayes said...

Great pics, Jill! Where would one find a leaf like that? Not in my Michigan backyard, that's for sure! ;o) I miss you friend!