March 4, 2009


Will you believe me if I tell you there is still snow outside of our house? There is! Not much but there are spots that still have snow. Here is a picture I took last night and the snow is still there now.

This month I'm taking an online class from 2peas. It is called Sew Scrappy Happy. I've been sewing on my projects for sometime but I figured it was time to try out some new techniques and I've enjoyed the inspiration from Jennifer Johner, who is teaching this class. And it was only $5 so why not, right? Here is the layout I completed for week 1. Jameson even tried to help, which is really the reason I don't sew more because this boy wants to open up the machine and figure out exactly how it works. Oh the engineer brained little boy!

On the digital scrapbooking front, you have got to check out this contest. It is being organized by After5 & Shabby Pickle. I'm half thinking about stepping down from the CT at A5 just so I can participate...JK!

Now I'm heading to fix something for dinner. We've been avoiding the first floor today as we're having issues with the heater down there. It was only 57 while we were eating lunch. Not too bad but since nap time we're been hanging out upstairs where it is closer to 70. Oh how easy it is to take things for granted. When things like this happen I find myself pausing to pray for those that don't have half as much as we do.

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gabs said...

we are supposed for snow this weekend as well :(