March 3, 2009

More randomness...

Okay I have some additional random info to share with you all!

While I was in Ohio I had the pleasure of taking pictures for Greg Nettle. He wanted to update the photo on his blog. Here are a few of my favorites.

Also on the photography front, do you remember me telling you that I won something from Trendy Straps? I'm still in shock over it. I WON A BACKDROP. Yes a real life backdrop. Watch out world Jill J and her camera are on there way to capturing more memories!

Something else for locals, Jameson's school is having a fundraiser at the local Zaxby's. For anyone that eats there on the 10th 10% will go to the school.

Also next week, if you are in the Seneca area and are interested in taking a fun scrapbook class...join me on the 12th at Southern Scrapbooks for a class on acrylic home displays. Here is the sample I'll be teaching from. I think this would make a great addition to any home, either use it for your own home or give it as a gift.
I'm sure there will be other random things to update everyone on but that is all for now. I hope you're having a great day and using your talents to praise God.


Julie said...

Love that acrylic art! So cool, great photos Jill!! See you at tdc!

gabs said...

guess what? I am loving your photos and congratulations on the big winning! so happy for you!

Anne Winters said...

Great photos. They capture his passion nicely.