March 11, 2009

Time with Friends!

Lately we've had some great times with various friends. This past weekend we had a typical neighborhood Saturday night...hanging out at the Ratliff's house (we missed you Carrie); eating dinner together and just plan relaxing (it was in the mid 80s without a cloud in the sky). Then on Sunday afternoon we went on a hike with a bunch of other friends from church. Abby put it together and let everyone know that it was about a mile hike. Lucky for us we didn't know how long it really was until we were well on our way. Turns out it was probably about 2 miles each way, and slopped. So the return to our vehicles was a bit tiring, especially on the 12 kiddos that were along for the fun! I had a great time chatting with little Olivia, she was my hiking partner on the return. Normally she is pretty quiet but she chatted almost the entire way back up from the falls. It was so sweet! Notice the new blog header picture? It is from this hiking trip!

Then yesterday, Sarah and the kids came to our house to hang out. We took the kids down to the beach and boy did they have a good time. Now if only we could have set up our scrapbook tables down there...we would all have been in our element! When we did finally get back home the kids were enjoying some popsicles. Jameson was so sweet sharing his with Mallory. He would hold the top of her head so he could get the popsicle up to her mouth. Cute!

Today we headed to visit our other Sarah H! She had her 3rd baby just 3 weeks ago so we headed out to get some pictures! Jameson had such a good time playing with Pheoby! Here are a few of my favorite shots, I couldn't resist including one of Trey...he is such a stinkin' sweet boy!

It is nearly 1 am and I'm still awake. I have been trying to force myself to go to bed by midnight, I guess I didn't make it tonight?! One goal I can say we accomplished in our house...going green with our laundry. We have a clothes line so we can reduce the use of our dryer!


Andrea* said...

Fun friends, FUN photos! And good for you to use a clothes line! :)

FieldsOfAngel said...

My goodness! Layla is absolutely beautiful!!

Michele said...

Beautiful pictures!

gabs said...

thanks for sharing such wonderful photos!