March 21, 2009

New furniture!

We did it!!! James & I have been on the hunt for new furniture for the living room but just hadn't found exactly what we wanted. He wanted a black couch, I wasn't so sure of how that dark. A few weeks ago we found ourselves in Ikea looking at what we thought was the perfect couch for us...right color (I'd come to agree with James in the last few months), great size, shape, etc. Pretty much everything except the price tag (isn't that always how it goes?). We walked away that snowy day with a pamphlet and that was it. We each checked it out a few times after online but nothing more. Fast forward to today...Jeannie (our friend from church - the awesome painter!), invited me & Jameson to go to Ikea with her to get a few things she needed for work. So the plan was that we really weren't buying anything. Well that was until we found out that the awesome couch we'd just seen 3 weeks ago had been discontinued and was on sale. This was at the beginning of our adventure through Ikea. The last section of the store (self-serve) was where the discounted furniture was located. I spotted it right away and was so excited to see that the one they had was black. I tried to calmly check it out (it was the floor model). There was a spot where the seem had come apart. I found a clerk and asked if they would mark it off any additional. She let me know that she wanted it gone so she would see what she could do to reduce the price. Then I also found out that they still had one of the awesome matching recliner. I called James again (he was in meetings). Okay what price can you do for the couch and the recliner. She got the couch down to a great price and they weren't moving much on the recliner. We started toward the registers with just the 3 pieces to the couch. As we moved up in line the clerk asked again if I didn't want the recliner. I said that we did want it but not at that price. She marked off an extra $200. So we this awesome, dreamy couch and recliner for well under 50% off. Now the real test came up...was it all really going to fit into Jeannie's avalanche (she had made quite a few purchases too)? I never seem to remember that the beds aren't like a 'typical' truck. Thanks to the two awesome helpers at all fit. Lucky for us Paul keep tethers in the truck or we never would have made it. It was a tense ride north as I kept checking the mirrors to be sure that nothing was tumbling off the back of the tale gate. We made it home and Jeannie & I got it all unloaded in the driveway and she headed home. James pulled in a few minutes later and met the new furniture...right in the middle of the driveway! James and our neighbor Ed moved the old furniture to the dining room and then moved the new set up the steps and into the house. Then James had to run back to work for a bit so I started moving things all around. I pretty much had figured out how I wanted it but it did take a bit longer to do it with only a 3 year old to help push, pull, etc. For the first time in a long time our living room all matches!!!! And an added bonus, the chairs James ordered earlier this year are in the dinette which we're calling the wii-room. It is now comfy to play the wii at our house!
After we had it all set I was cleaning the leather with polish. Jameson found that it was a great sliding zone. We had to have a discussion about indoor behavior!


Our Family... said...

Love the new furniture and great story about how you got it too!

Sarah said...

It looks good! Can't wait to see it. I love the pic of Jameson in the car. It was like he was stuck under all of it! Funny!