February 23, 2009


Wow have we been having a fun time on our travels! Jameson has had a great time eating the snow! Earlier today William & Mara were here playing with Jameson. They all wanted to go outside so we got all bundled up and headed out. William asked Jameson if he wanted to ride in the gator with him and they could both pretend to be the daddys. And then he said, "Mara you can be the honey (aka mommy/wife)." I was laughing so hard at them!

Over the weekend I was in Michigan for an ADPi conference. It went really well. Our district has a new colony at Drake University. We wanted them to know we were thinking about this so we took a group photo of everyone that was at the conference this weekend. Here is the photo we sent to them.

Then today we spent the morning relaxing. This afternoon we met up with my friend Simonette. We had a good time chatting and watching Jameson be himself. Then we headed to see my grandma. If I didn't know her true age, I would never believe that she is 88. She was trying to teach me how to knit and then Jameson wanted to get in on the action too. So cute!

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Sarah said...

Love the pics! Especially of Jameson out in the snow in a vest! Too funny!