February 13, 2009


The boy did it! We headed out to the slops this morning and Jameson actually did it! I honestly wasn't sure what he was going to do with the boots and coat, etc. Once he had it all on and was at the bottom of the hill with Papa Jim and Uncle Brandt he was all about it! He went up the special moving carpet about 6-7 times. Then he was all set to try out the chair lift. He was so cool to see him so excited and doing it! Here are some photos so daddy can see!

Tonight I'm heading to a dinner at AU. I am so excited to get to see some college friends and enjoy a yummy meal. I will be watching what I'm eating but tonight I might have a bit more then usual. I know I haven't updated the ticker on the blog to show my weight lose. To be honest I can't remember my password but I have lost about 15 pounds with 6-7 more to go to reach my official goal. We'll see that works out with so much travel going on the rest of this month?!

I also wanted to share with everyone that Cafe J has a freebie on her blog today. Also wanted to share with everyone that The DigiChick is having a party this weekend in celebration of Valentine's Day...check it out!


Our Family... said...

Way to GO Jameson!!! That's a huge accomplishment. As fearless as he is, I'm not surprised. Enjoy the rest of your vacation. sd

Abby C said...

OOHH EEE! That looks like some serious FUN! I am so glad you are having a good time playing in the snow!

Abby C said...

What FUN! Yeah for JJ!