February 1, 2009

Exciting news!

Yeah February is finally here! I've had some exciting news that I wasn't able to share until 2/1. The DigiChick is now under new management...Nicole Seitler aka Sugarplum Paperie. She is the first creative team that I was ever added to. Now that she is at TDC she asked me to help out with the Hybrid Creative Team there. We've added a few new artists and I'm excited to see what everyone creates. There will be some challenges in the coming weeks, so watch out for some links from the blog. Better yet, if you aren't already registered at TDC...go do it!

In other news, you all know I've been a subscriber at Scarlet Lime since Christy Tomlinson started this kit of the month. I just go the latest newsletter and was pleasantly surprised when one of my cards was featured! Such an honor! (And the best part is that I didn't even notice it, Sarah had to tell me!)

This weekend I've been doing lots of reading, which we all know isn't my favorite thing to do. I'm reading the entire 300+ page recruitment & marketing manual for ADPi. It is interesting but I can't just sit and read for too long at one time. Good thing I didn't save this task any longer since I have to have it done by the middle of February.

Around the house, we have 5 new pets! Jameson got one of those butterfly nets for Christmas. The baby caterpillars arrived a few weeks after Christmas and just this past week they emerged from their cocoons. Tomorrow they get to travel to school for show and tell!

Now I'm off to pretend that I'm watching the Superbowl, when really I'm just excited to see the new commercials! How about you, what have you been up to these days?!


Kelley said...

Yea for you - twice!!! Awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on all the recent accomplishments ! I love to see what you create. We are enjoying the ABC book a lot! Once again, thanks for such a wonderful care package....

Tell Jameson to keep those butterflies alive till we get home to see em'! Love, sd