February 10, 2009

We're off...

Has it really been over a week since I posted anything? I have had really good intentions but instead I took the weekend off from the computer! I'm actually think I'm going to be doing that more often. This past Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the District 1 conference for ADPi. It was filled with excitement, including a visit from the local fire station! Nothing was wrong but it did provide for a reason to get outside and enjoy the awesome heatwave we've been having since Friday. Then Sunday we went to church and then hung out as a family. Jameson had a blast playing with the sand down at the beach near our house (lake beach not the ocean beach). Yesterday and today have been filled with Chick-fil-a. My mom send Jameson a gift card to Chick-fil-a and he has been having a blast paying for his own food. The first clerk couldn't really understand him though so he didn't get exactly what he wanted but he was okay with it and politely told her thank you. Our local Chick-fil-a is the absolute best. Today they had a mommy & me time which include free coffee for the moms, story time, and many activity stations throughout (play dough, a Valentine Craft & coloring). We will definitely be back for this!

Remember the butterflies? Well this past Sunday we decided to let them go out in the wild. The instructions say they can be let go as long as the temperature is above 50, it was about 70 at the point that we decided to let them go. Personally it was a way for me to not have to explain death to Jameson. It was neat to see them flutter about and hopefully they were able to spend their last hours happy and free! As a side not, we do know that one of the butterflies didn't survive too long. One of our resident lizards ate it. I almost started crying right there but realized that Jameson didn't see it so I held back. It was so sad to witness but I know it is the circle of life, I'd just personally prefer not to have to witness it first hand.

Earlier today I found out that I won on the Trendy Straps blog. I can't tell you yet what exactly I won but let me just say that I am totally blown away and really excited. I got one of their straps a few months ago and it is so comfy and looks great. I've had different embellished straps but none as comfy as this one (it is made with neoprene). As good as the strap is I'm sure that this prize that I've won is going to be over the top exceptional. Stay tuned and I'll be sure to share the details! Their new catalog goes lives this coming Sunday.

Now onto a few of my latest creations... (for credits, click on the images)
If you're a local crafty friend...mark your calendar for March 12th. I'm teaching an acrylic home decor class at the Southern Scrapbook store. I'll be sure to post a picture later this month to give you an idea of what we'll be doing. What I can say is that it is something a beginner or advance crafter can do. Please join us!!

Beware the blog won't be being updated too much because the boy & I are off on a wild adventure north! I'll be back more frequently in March!

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