November 4, 2008

Papercraft Planet!

I have something to share with you all. I just found out about a new online community (similar to Facebook & MySpace). The best part is that this one is for crafty people! It is Papercraft Planet. They do have some digital and hybrid sections too. Won't you come join me?

Lately I've been making some crafty things but I won't be able to share quite as many on the blog because they are gifts (I don't want to spoil the surprise since the recipients read the blog). Did you know that Christmas is only 50 days away? Since we celebrate with all of our parents at various times surrounding the holidays we actually have our first gathering next weekend, so that means I'm already in the full swing of Christmas creating. I'm having fun! I'll share some fun things with you all once they been given away.

This morning all 3 of us headed to vote. It was fun to talk to Jameson about what it means to vote. From there James headed to work and Jameson & I came home. We got to watch the local electric company take down a dead tree from our yard. It was pretty cool to see them use boom truck right in our driveway. Yesterday we watched some men pour concrete walls for a new house that is being built around the corner. Super cool stuff going on right at home! After the fun of watching the tree come down we headed to the park to meet some friend from church. It is so awesome to have such a great network of friends. After seeing them and playing for a bit Jameson & I headed into the big downtown area of our town. We placed an order at the local embroidery store, then headed to the drugstore to get some new crocs & then we visited the local barber. He picked out the same exactly color and style of crocs (the others had NO tread on the bottom). We donated the old pair back to crocs so they could be melted down. I love that we get little lessons from even simple things like this - giving to others. Another teaching moment came while he was getting his hair cut. The barber had a speech impediment. Jameson whispered to me about him not speaking like him. That was all he said and went on talking to me and smiling to the man through the mirror. I was happy to see that it didn't make him uncomfortable or that he was loud about pointing it out. Now tonight our family is hanging out at home to not share our germs with others. Jameson got up from nap and decided to empty this tummy all over the couch and floor. Not fun but so far he seems to be feeling better so we'll see how tomorrow goes...

One more thing, Sarah Hi tagged me to share 7 random things about me. Here goes:
1. Making gifts, instead of buying them makes me happy. However since it isn't about only me, I will be purchasing some gifts this Christmas season. (Like maybe some of these or these or something from here)
2. Excited to be doing a bible study with our life group and actually doing it as a couple. We each read the chapters and then discuss - yes he is even reading it, for real! Answered prayers - yeah God!
3. I don't remember many of my childhood birthday celebrations but my 5th birthday is one I do recall.
4. I love to watch certain movies over, and over again. Good for background noise while I'm doing other things - I'm a multitasker.
5. I have saved over 800 pictures from last month.
6. Having a DVR is awesome! I have lately gotten better about not recording every show but only those that I really enjoy. As crazy as it is, it stresses me out to have too many unwatched shows on there so I just limit the number.
7. Like Sarah, I enjoy baking but don't like to cook too much. I love it when the weather is cooler and I can make dinner in the crock-pot. Having it done in the mornings is relaxing to me! My latest baking adventure was to make my own granola. It seems to have turned out pretty good too!

I'm going to tag: Crystal K, Crystal, Heather, Jenn Tr, Jen Ta, Shari, & Sue

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