November 17, 2008

Our weekend!

Jameson's favorite part was probably the hot bath (aka hot tub). He had so much fun swimming around, jumping around, overall just having fun in the water. We all enjoyed the awesome homemade goodies from Mother Crill, a mini hike in the woods with Joe-Joe & playing a bit of pool. I had fun taking some pictures of James' sister Caree. Caree & Chris are expecting their first baby in 2009. The rest of the time at the camp was a great relaxing time (no cell phone service or wifi so it was a true get away!).

The real adventure for the weekend begin on Sunday as we were leaving the cabin. We started out down the road and when we got to the bottom of the Blue Ridge Mountains we found that the road was closed (it has snowed on the mountain overnight). So we followed the rest of the traffic and about 90 minutes later we found ourselves in Cades Cove. Now if we had only known this at the beginning we probably would not have gotten to drive through a creek in the road - which surprisingly did not make hubby come unglued, while driving my new truck. Nor would I have gotten the chance to capture the image below with the fawn in the foreground and the snow caped mountains the background. We found a ranger and found out that the main road over the mountain was now open, so we headed back in that direction. We got to the point we had been at earlier in the day and started up the mountain. Things were going good, Jameson was taking a nap and James & I were chatting. I was also able to take a few more pictures of the awesome snow and ice that had covered all of nature. Then we got to the top and found traffic completely stopped. And right there just 6 vehicles in front of us 2 cars had collided and caught on fire. Praise God all of the people had gotten out without harm. Then for the next 2.5 hours we sat at the top of the mountain while we watched most of these vehicles burn away, with a few pops in there when the tires caught fire and then the gas tanks. Jameson got to play in the snow, I took a few more pictures, watched a movie, got to see a few different news helicopters right over us - overall we got to spend some safe time together as a family. Once they had gotten everything cleared away we were escorted down the mountain with a salt truck in front of us. Then we got a little dinner and drove the rest of the way home. What should have taken us 3 hours took us 10 but we were safe and together...thankful to God.

Here is our weekend recapped in photos...

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Crystal said...

Oh, my word!! So glad to hear that everyone, including you guys, was safe. It gives a whole new perspective to having to wait, doesn't it? And your creative projects are beautiful. Take care!