November 9, 2008

Great birthday!

For anyone that might not know, I celebrated my birthday this weekend. I had a good time Friday night spending time with my local scrappy friends. They totally surprised me with a very touching box full of personal notes to me. I actually got teary eyed reading them. I love my friends! Then Saturday our family headed into Anderson to do a little shopping. It was around lunch time and Jameson was requesting shrimp (he really is my baby!). We ended up at Red Lobster, which totally reminded me of many previous birthdays. One of my all-time favorite foods is crab legs. Growing up the only time I really ate them was for my birthday dinners. So it was a great blast from the past to have crab legs on my birthday. Jameson actually shared them with me instead of having shrimp. And when this boys says "I do like shrimp" he means it. He would eat it every single day for every meal.

Since Friday I've been working on a fun Christmas album. I'm so excited about it. The inspiration came from Ali Edwards. I'll share the pre-December album in a few days (I made some for a couple of friends so I don't want to share pictures until they see them in person). I'm excited to record the season in a different way. I did one of these for the month of July and really like this approach to recording this. As I'm working on them I just think how cool it would be to have something like that from one of my parents or even grandparents. I love the ordinary things that make up days.

On another note...for anyone that has head about the Chatterbox Christmas kit, my mom was able to find a couple of them and has listed them on ebay. If you're interested here is the link.

One more thing, I'm thinking about creating a separate blog for the creative things that are on here. Would you prefer to have our family things mixed with the creative things? I've added a poll to the right...cast your vote!


MOM said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU....And many more too!!!

I think your friends like to see and hear what you are up to with your crafting and family stuff one blog is OK with me...then I only have to go to 1 blog to see what you are working on ...


Kelley said...

I like having them all together!!