November 30, 2008

Christmas gifts!

I have been making so many Christmas gifts this year and I'm loving every minute of it. In the past I didn't really think people enjoyed the things that I was making for them but in the last few months it seems that some have actually requested them. So this year I am attempting to make something for everyone on our gift list. The downfall is that I'm about to bust with excitement when I finish something. Typically I would post about it so I could share it with someone (yes I can show the boys in my household but they just don't get it all the time!). Two gifts however were already given so I can share the info with you all! Last year Ali Edwards shared what she did to record the Christmas season. So this year I decided to give it a go. But instead of just making 1 album I made 3 and gave two as gifts. This gift does come with work because the recipient has to add to it as the month of December goes on. Here is the album before the month begins. I had so much fun picking out random things to put in here and am getting so excited to start filling it with memories! I'll show you the completed album again in January.

Tomorrow also marks the start of Advent. Last year I started a tradition that each day we pull a slip of paper out of our advent box. The slips include various things like activities, treats or acts of service. I'll keep you posted on how this goes too. Jameson didn't get into it too much last year but this year I believe it will be enjoyed!

So are you making any gifts this Christmas season? Share yours with me!


Kelley said...

I love, love, love my album!! Thanks, Jill!

Anonymous said...

Great idea! I have always wanted to try something like this :)! ~xo Jess

Anonymous said...

Those are really a cute idea. You are so talented!!!