November 1, 2008

Halloween pictures!

I finally have some Halloween pictures to post. Jameson & I had a great time carving the big pumpkin on Thursday. Then last night after trick-or-treating Jameson wanted to do another one. The little one was all we had left so he went to town. He was so proud to show James how he could do it himself. He did at least get two eyes and a mouth - not too bad if you think about it was basically just him carving.

Okay now the details on the rest of the pictures...the one with the 3 pirates was in Lavonia where we went in the afternoon. The shop always has a little bit of candy in the office for the kids and it is a good time for the dads to show off their little ones. It was great to catch up with Sheri & Todd and their 3 growing boys. After that we headed back to our development for trick-or-treating and a Halloween party. Jameson was excited to be dressed in the same costume as Cade (I'll give some details about the costume). Here is a picture of these two as the Lightning McQueen drivers. The other pictures with Jameson and his bag was at the end of the night when he had obviously had one too many pieces of candy. Oh boy was he hyper. It was so funny while he was running from house to house with RL he was hopping and just could not stand still.

See that adorable baby. His big brother RL was dressed up as Handy Manny and this was his saw. Isn't that adorable!!

Here is the story about the costume. About 3-4 weeks ago I started asking him what he would like to dress up as. He couldn't make up his mind. The first two mainly were SuperWhy or batman (pronounced fatman by Jameson). I couldn't find a SuperWhy costume but had picked up a fatman suit at the consignment sale. We also had about 4-5 other costumes here that he could pick from (fun trip to walmart a few years ago and got them like 75% off - great to play with). Then on Thursday Jameson was playing with a box and came over and said "Hey mom this would make a great robot costume". So we got some spray paint and got to work on that costume. He was all into it, even up to nap time on Friday. Together we added some pipe cleaners to it for some added sparkle. We even wrote "Robot Jarvis" on the back because that was what he was calling it. Then when he got up from nap he brought down the pit crew outfit and didn't want anything to do with the robot box. He was happy and has gotten into the fun of being creative for Halloween!

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