August 28, 2008

Silly boys!

Lately I have really been feeling so blessed to able to experience the little everyday moments of Jameson's life. He seems to be growing up so fast and I can't imagine not being actively involved in every step of his life. Now we do have our limits so that is why the little boy is getting excited about starting school next week. Having a few mornings each week of momma & boy not together helps the entire family. It allows me time to get some stuff done and not always have to rely on James entertain Jameson all on his own. Which means we have more family time! Now that is the icing on the cake of us!

So yesterday we headed to Chick-fil-A to play with some friends (the 3rd day of rain would not have been good for us all cooped up inside). We had so much fun. And look how cute these boys are with their ice cream (did you know that at Chick-fil-A you can trade in your kids meal toy for ice cream...sweet!)

Last night I finished up a layout that I'd been working on for a few weeks (started it and just hadn't found the time to get back to it). Here is the finished product (all products from the super talented Nicole - who is now going to be selling at TDC). By far this layout isn't my best ever but you know what, it records this time in my life right now. And from a design standpoint I merged two sheets of digi paper into one. I love the way the background paper turned out! The picture was taken by Carrie while she was practicing one of our photography lessons. This is totally me at the lake during the summer of ' make-up, crazy hair and all!

Did you notice the updated header on here? That is one of the butterfly pictures that I took a few weeks ago. I have been wanting to redo it and finally got down to it. I also redid one for my friend Sarah (she may not have uploaded it yet but look out for the owl - this was made with this kit). This kit totally makes me excited for fall. I might just have to make a mini album or something fun with this kit in hopes that fall will come sooner rather than later?!
To help keep this blog focused on my family & creative ventures I've started a new blog for Heartland Select. Keep up with all the fun we're having with this awesome juice over there. Did I tell you that my mom is no longer taking her arthritis meds because of this amazing juice?!


Sarah said...

Love the pic! It was fun. And I love that you can trade in the toy for ice cream. It's awesome. Just one more reason to love Chick Fil A!

Crystal said...

I love your header - such a cool picture! And your LOs are looking great too. Enjoy those mornings when your little guy is in school :))

Michele said...

That's a great pic of all our boys! Next time I need to get myself one of their milkshakes!

Kimberly said...

Hi Jill!
I love you're header! I was going to ask Sarah to help me with a new one, then she told me where hers came from! I'm so "technologically challanged".