August 26, 2008

New creations!

Lately I've been trying to stretch myself to create some hybrid items (basically printing out digital elements to use on paper projects). I love the versatility of it. You can print it out as many times as you need to (no need to know how much to buy when I'm an hour away at the store). Plus you can recolor it! Here are a few school supplies sets that were done using digital elements printed out on full sheet labels (basically making them into stickers).

The first set was for Carrie's daughter Tegan. She loved it. The portion on the front of the composition book was actually meant to be a page of a mini album. Sometimes you just have to rethink the actual purpose of something. The other two pics are of Kelley's kiddos supplies. I love that it so matches Av's backpack! And Au's set is so fun (he actually plays the guitar so he was totally into it). The background paper was originally green but I loved the way the designer had distressed the edges and had newspaper like stuff peaking out. So I recolored it to make their school colors. (So love that about digi stuff.)
Earlier today Jameson & I baked a rhubarb pie, made some banana bread and put together some bag tags for his classmates at school. I think they turned out pretty cute. Jameson was excited to identify the various letters of their names.


Sarah said...

Love the new header, and I also love the bag tags. I may have to use that idea for Christmas for Aubrey's class! Had fun today!

Anonymous said...

Rhi and I give your new butterfly a big thumbs up! Love,sd

Abby C said...

Cool tags. Jameson's teacher is lucky to have such a talented mom around!