August 14, 2008

End is near...

I can feel that the end of summer is near. The weather has been cooler, our teacher friends have returned to work, some leaves have started to fall to the ground & Jameson has his preschool open house this coming weekend. The odd part about the leaves and the weather turning is that it is still August, not typical for these parts. I love fall though so I'll take it as early as it wants to come. Makes me want to pull out my favorite jeans and sweatshirt and go to a football game (not to actually want the game though - more of a people water than sports - ha!). Speaking of watching, we're going to a Braves game this weekend. I'm so excited. I love watching baseball. My mom is coming in to visit and she is the true baseball lover in our family so it is only fitting that we would go to a game together.

In other news, I've been busy getting things ready for my Heartland Select tasting party this Saturday (if you're in the area - please come!), finishing some ADPi projects, chasing after a sneaker wearing skateboarder & preparing for a trade show next weekend with HS. I also got to test out how much the Cricut could do. I made the above banner for Jameson's school to help advertise. It was neat to use so much vinyl. I am really enjoying the larger bug (couldn't have made some of the letters on the little bug).

So about the sneakers and skateboard. We headed to commerce last night to get some shoes for the boy. I really wanted him to have something like sperry boat shoes so he had some 'dress-up' type shoes. It was quite the struggle to get this croc wearing kiddo to even try on the shoes. By the 3rd visit into the shoe store James wanted him to just pick out shoes. He talked him into these sneakers since they look like spiderman. And because he tried on the shoes his daddy said he could get the skateboard he'd been talking about. So when we got home he showed us all the 'tquits' (aka tricks) that he can do. He is quite entertaining, lets just pray there aren't any hurt parts from riding this fun wheeled toy. It is interesting how much this boys loves toys with wheels. As I watching him last night I was thinking about how almost all of his favorite toys, since he was a baby, have always had wheels.

Earlier today we had lots of friends join us at the pool. It was so nice to see so many of our church friends gathered together. This little cutie to the right is such a doll - I love those cheeks! And the 3 musketeers eating popsicles. I love these kids!

The digital design team that I'm on is having a call for more hybrid artists. Come on you know you want to give it a try.

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Anonymous said...

I can totally see that pic of Jameson on the skateboard on a page with some cool Xtreme sport scrapping stuff! I wish I could Austin to do something xtreme so I could do a page like that!