August 2, 2008

Busy week!

Wow we've had a busy week. Lucky for all of us it has been well documented in photos (over 1600 pics in my July folder - crazy I know). And in case anyone has forgotten, which I have not, I will eventually get to recapping our travels in July. I started the post but haven't gotten it all the way done.

This past week Jameson participated in a local soccer camp. It was through Challenger Sports. All of the coaches were awesome and the local families that helped organize the event were great. Jameson was a bit young this year but still had fun out there. His session was an hour long for 5 days. That was plenty long for this young 3 year old. The first picture is of him with the cleats and shin guards on. I wasn't sure if he was going to wear them or not. Once they were on, he decided it wasn't for him. The coach didn't seem to mind if he wore is crocs so that is what we did.
We're excited for next year as I'm sure he will enjoy it even more then, and might even wear the proper equipment. We'll have to wait and see. Maybe these will still fit then?! ha.

Another accomplishment for the little man this week...he jumped into the pool all on his own. He was just hanging out at the steps and then asked if he could jump off like Jeb. Normally when he says this he asks me to come over to hold his hand. Not this time, he jumped right in and got out and did it again. It is so cool to watch him do this on his own. - no photos of this event, I was in the water!
Something else fun from this week was visiting the garden that we'd helped to plant earlier this summer. It is a bit overrun by weeds but there were still some good crop. We brought home 3 rather large zucchinis. They were yummy too. I made a zucchini bread boat recipe and cranberry zucchini bread (delicious!). If anyone has a good recipe with zucchini, I'd love to see it. This seems to be the best thing coming out of the garden so far. Check out that huge bumble bee that was on the pumpkin flowers. So cool!

And the main thing that we've been doing with our time this week...relaxing at the lake!

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Nana Kathy said...

Jameson look so cute in your soccer Nana Kathy