August 5, 2008


Okay so this is going to be a totally random post. A bit of an update on the Ohio trip and a few stumbled upon sites with blurfing (blog surfing).

Wordle - so cool! You can put in a website, type in any words you like and it will make a random mess of the words. I put in the blog address and this is what it spit out. Go try it out!

Ice Cream in Ohio...every single night that we were visiting with our family in Akron we enjoyed good old fashioned ice cream. The second night after we got home, Jameson said "can we get some ice cream tonight." James & I just laughed because we knew that was going to happen. We luckily keep the freezer stocked with a variety of skinny cow treats.
Photography...I'd mentioned a few months ago that I was taking an online class at BPS. We're about a month into it. While I was in Ohio I was lucky enough to get together with my friend Myra (we went to high school together!). She is taking an online class with Candice Stringham. So when we were together what would we do other then take some pictures. The best part about it was that we didn't have any kids with us so we took pictures of each other. Since we're both the photographers in our family, we're rarely in the pictures. The profile picture of me was taken by her as were the pics in the double photo desktop example from last week. (Jameson showed up right at the end of our photography play so Myra grabbed a few of the little man & me.) Here is my favorite shot that I got of her.

Cedar Point! It was so much fun. We're not really amusement park type people, however that might be changing as Jameson gets older. He was was really into it. He loved the roller coasters best but the awesome splash zone was a close second. One morning James & I headed out (thanks MC) for some adult time. There were lots of us all together = silly bunch of peeps all waiting in line for over an hour for 3 minutes of entertainment. Overall we had a great time visiting with lots of extended family.

I got to spend some quality time with my girlfriends (thanks D&D). We were scrapbooking - I know big surprise but hey we all enjoy it! I so treasure these girls. My college roommate Jaimie now lives just outside of Columbus. At the last LALR weekend the group decided that we need to keep scrapbooking together. Without this hobby I know that I would not have stayed in touch quite this much with these gals. Since I live 600 miles from all of them, it is tough with us all having such busy lives. Having set dates to scrapbook together is our connection. We've already started talking about when we're going to do it next. I can't wait! - no photos from this gathering but I did find this one of Julie from 5 years ago. It was at a crop Jaimie organized when she was selling CM. Maybe next time we'll remember to take pictures of us since this time we were all so focused on creating things and chatting like a bunch of school girls! It was awesome. There is just something about being surrounded by friends that you have history with that is comforting to the soul.
We spent quite a bit of time swimming too. Jameson really enjoyed the pool at my mom's house. Since we weren't in public he felt like it would be okay to go without a suit. Really I think he would never wear clothes if we didn't make him. We also go to swim a bit at my cousins house. Their pool has salt water - very cool. Morgen did her first 'flip'. And luck for all of us I captured the whole thing with my handy camera! Thanks Keith, Cathy & Aubrey for having us over! Another day we were on the lake with Papa Jim. These Jarvis boys love their boats. It was fun to watch Jameson playing with so many men - he is a totally guys, guy.
Thank you to everyone that made time for us while we were visiting. It was great to see you all. I know there were lots more that we weren't able to see, it seemed like we were there long enough but there is just never enough time. Maybe next time or you're welcome to come visit us here...we'll be at the pool for the next four weeks for sure!
There was more that we did but I'll have to save that for another day. I have some other exciting news to share with everyone about a new business adventure we're going on. For now we're heading back to the pool to practice jumping!

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It was nice to see you too!