August 8, 2008


I love these triple number dates! Jameson was lucky enough to have been born on one (5/5/05). We've joked that if he plays sports we know what number he should be. Until then he will continue to do silly things like play 'moodict' (aka music) with his squishy alligator. He did this for a good 20 minutes. Such a funny kid!

To celebrate today we had pizza at the pool with our cousins, two of which are staying the night. They giggle so much when they are together - love that! Now we're home and are watching the opening ceremony for the Olympics. Someday I think I'd like to actually attend, just for the experience. Until then I'll enjoy these sweet faces snuggling together!

And you all know how much I love etsy (yes my store has been reactivated). Another fun new find was shared with me today...functional, yet adorable patterned camera straps (thanks for sharing Myra!). Cotton Candy is pretty cool. She uses lots of modern fabrics, including some vera bradley ones. Thinking forward to Christmas, I'm thinking that when I get to shopping I'm going to attempt to buy or make as many handmade things as possible. Have you found any fun links lately? Please do share!

I've been doing quite a bit of creating lately - I know big surprise. I've been doing some fully digital pages and some completely paper. The page to the left with pictures from Jamie & Keith's wedding, was actually in a spot light thread - a first for me. I love the mix of having both digital & paper things in my 'toolbox'. However I know that I will never be fully digital. I had been doing so many digi stuff and after doing quite a bit on the computer I could tell that my brain was not 'level' and playing with some paper last night was the total cure. Funny how that works for me but it does.
So I'd mentioned that we'd been spending quite a bit of time on at the lake. I thought I would share a few fun pictures. One day the 'moms' had our turn with the really big Mable (this things is huge). Picture this, 3 grown women on a tube being pulled by the boat that is being driven by 1 hubby along with the other 2 husbands and 8 kids. It was quite a scene. We wished we could have gotten a picture of the boat because not one person was moving about or talking - that would most likely not have been the case if the adult roles had been switched. So the 3 of us did get knocked off one time - and it was a big one. I personally flipped all the way, up and over the back of the tube. We had a good time. After our ride we switched out the tube so that James could try wake-boarding. He loves the water and it was great to see him relax a bit and enjoy himself. I was so proud of him, he got right up!
Earlier today Jameson & I were out for a bike ride (luckily it was on in the mid 80's here today so we could be outside without being in the pool). He is totally into taking bike rides. We met a few of the other boys in the neighborhood who were also out just riding around. One of them was walking along, without a bike or shoes. I asked him why and he said his bike broke. So we got the golf cart and fixed his bike for him. Then the boys stuck around the house to play with Jameson a bit. He so loves to hang with the big boys. And these 3 boys are always so sweet to entertain the little boy. They actually said they like playing with him because he messes back with them and talks to them. I am pleasantly surprised since they are two 12 year old and one is 9. I wouldn't think they would want anything to do with this 3 year old. They were actually trying to encourage Jameson to take his training wheels off because they think he is so good on his bike. And speaking of bike rides. I took a few pictures earlier this week of both of my boys riding together. Look at that adorable little bike!
To practice a little photography I found a friend that has a lantana in her yard that has been attracting butterflies by the hundreds. There were so many of them they were calling me to take a few photos. Here are a few of my favs.

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Crystal said...

What happy summertime pictures and memories! I'm glad the days are filled with fun for all of you.