August 19, 2008

Busy times around these parts! We had a good visit with my mom this weekend. While she was here the two of them ventured into the woods behind our house and found this adorable little box turtle. They named him Timmy Turtle. At first the turtle wasn't too sure of all of us. I'm sure he'd never had a camera that close to his nose before - but he did start to walk toward me so I'm guessing I wasn't scaring him too badly. Now Deacon, that is one that Timmy should have been afraid of. That silly dog tried to bit the hard shelled turtle. He is so protective of Jameson! When it was time for us to head inside we put Timmy into the wheel barrel and he had some lettuce. After dinner the first thing Jameson wanted to do was to check on his new pet. Even later I was cleaning up the yard to get ready to head inside for the night. Mom asked if I was actually going to keep him as a pet. He had left some waste in his 'home' that was enough for me to decide that a caged animal is probably not a good idea in our house. So Timmy went back to the 'wild' and Jameson was upset that his first pet had gone free. He had mentioned it a couple of times since so hopefully Timmy won't come looking for a snack anytime soon. It is cool to be so close to nature!

Sunday we headed down to Atlanta to watch the Braves play (okay I use that term very loosely because it was a very dull game). It was an adventure both getting there and again heading home. Every single entrance ramp going north was closed, without detour signs. Good thing I have a decent sense of direction or we still might be in Atlanta trying to figure out how to get out of town. It literally took us 45 minutes to get from the stadium to the interstate (normally it is a quarter mile from the parking lot). Jameson did have fun with his first taste of cotton candy!

And this weekend...if you or anyone you know will be in Greenville this weekend...come visit me at the Upstate Women's Show. The team I'm with for Heartland Select will be there spreading the news about this awesome new product. We're really hoping that some others will be interested in joining our team.

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