April 2, 2008


Is it really April. Time is going at a speed I don't even know where it goes sometimes. Jameson is almost 3, we've lived in our current home for almost 3 years (the longest house since we got married) and my dear hunky hubby turns 32 today (4/2). Happy birthday James! I hope you have a great day. We love you and are so proud of you!!

I have a few pictures & stories to update everyone. On Friday the little man thought that he would try his hand at flying. Well as we adults realize, that doesn't usually work out all that well. His cheek took the fall... He was playing with the neighbor kids and their 6 year old jumped off the moving swing. So Jameson figured he could do it too. That didn't go too well. He has been doing pretty good not messing with it so hopefully it won't be long before it is all better. It actually is starting to look better already today. Earlier on Tuesday we went to the park and he was not at all afraid of the swing. So it didn't mentally scar him too bad. Silly boy.

Another fun project I made was picture dolls. These are so cute and pretty easy to create. I used digital paper from Sugarplum and then printed, cut them out and pass them onto Jameson. He was so funny making them kiss. More pictures can be found here.
Now I'm off to bed and take a break from the computer. I cut my finger earlier and it took almost 2 hours to completely stop the bleeding (actually had to put butterflies on it). Why is it that stuff like this happens to me when I have lots of typing/computer things to do???

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The Family... said...

A very Happy Birthday to James!!! Hope it was a great one.
-the dickersons