April 13, 2008


As many of you may know, we're not too into sports. However when it comes to attending baseball games, I'm totally in. I love the sounds, food and overall atmosphere of the game (I even made it to one of the Indians playoff games last year). We're going to be attending a few Braves games this year (we'll see if they are as enjoyable as the Indians as that is my home team). I'll keep you posted on that as the season rolls on. Today my mom, nephew & stepdad are famous Indian's fans. They braved the chilly weather! Take a look here.

Our weekend was great. Here are some pictures to recap...left is a pic of Charlie, Jameson & Ethan at Chick-fil-A; Lily celebrating her 3rd birthday; baby Caleb & Laci (played with some actions from PW) and then the 3 big kids (Lily, Jeb & Jameson) on the swings. James was such a good sport hanging with the kiddos!


Sarah said...

I love the pic of Jameson with Charlie and Ethan! Too cute!

Thanks again for the help yesterday. I love it!

Michele said...

I love the pic of Jameson with Charlie and Ethan too!! We had fun!