April 10, 2008

Gorgeous weather!

Wow are we having gorgeous weather for April. It is nearly 80 degrees today and we've totally taken advantage of it to. We spent almost 3 hours at the school playground this morning! Before heading to the park I went to pick up a friend's 3 month old baby. Remember baby Trey's newborn pics from early January...he is growing! While we were at the park we also were joined by another family from church. Janine had 2 of her 3 sons and a couple of her neighbors kiddos. They were all playing so well we only left because it was time for lunch and we hadn't packed food for that. It was so nice to have the entire playground to ourselves.
Now we're home and both Jameson & Trey are taking a nap (so grateful it happened at the same time!). I'm updating you all on our happenings and attempting to get caught up with my adpi emails. Lots going on with that these days, almost can't seem to stay on top of it. Sometimes I wonder if I need to adjust my perspective (like maybe I don't need my inbox to be totally empty all the time) but then I figure maybe I just need to stay up later to get more done? Who needs sleep, right?!
I also need to change my clothes as some cute little one decided I looked like a good burp cloth. I'm going out to dinner with hubby tonight. We really need some adult only time. Treasure it!

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Sarah said...

I have a few minutes between appointments and decided to check my blogs! ;o) So glad I did. How fun to see my baby enjoying the beautiful weather. Thank you soooo much for jumping in to help out at the last minute!!! You are definately a treasure, Jill! Thanks for being my friend!