April 26, 2008


Two chapters are closing. It is a time of parting now. I would like to let everyone know that Grandma E did pass away. We got there to see her last Saturday morning and had quite a nice visit with her. She was chatty and giggled a few times. Jameson did take a while to warm up to her but he did talk to her a bit before we left. Toward the end of our visit we could tell that she was getting worn out from all the talking and modeling for pictures. Leaving we all knew it would most likely be the last time. Early Monday morning we all received calls to let us know that she had passed on during her sleep Sunday night. She was able to see all of her children and grandchildren (except the Fanello girls)...truly a God thing that she was able to hold on until we all came to visit. She was ready to let her body go, she said this a few times during our visit. She was here for 97 years and will be missed by many.

In other parting news, we're halfway into the last legacy retreat for Kelley & me. Things are going well. A few snafus occurred yesterday and I feel like God helping me to see the things I'm not going to miss about running a business like this one.

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