April 16, 2008


So I have a variety of random items to write about so we're going to go with the bullet point style for this post.

  • Last week we went to the Botanical Gardens with couple of friends from church. A local photographer for the Seneca newspaper took our picture. It didn't actually make it into the paper version but it was online. Take a look! And yes my son has started to choose his outfits and these boots seem to be the top pick at the moment.

  • Yesterday we spent the day with my friend Sarah Hi (yes I have two Sarah H's so for reference one is Hi and one is Ha - sounds like a cute song). Back to my story...we were at their house yesterday for the boys to play and for me to help Sarah with her blog. She posted a picture of their lunch activity on her blog. They had so much fun!
  • Congratulations to the senior pastor at Rivertree Christian Church. Greg & Julie brought home their new baby boy today!

  • Packing for my last 'business' trip to Ohio. Our last LALR retreat is next weekend. We're selling some of the tools so if anyone is interested in taking a look at the list, let me know. We are having a garage sale on sunday.

  • Tonight Jameson & I went to watch some youth baseball games. Carrie's two oldest boys were playing. So I took my camera along to catch some action shots...over 150 of them (and that was after I deleted quite a few). The coach (aka her hubby) shot was for Carrie she thinks he is really cute. I've included a few of my favs. The one of Jameson this is how he looks when he talks - so cute.

And yes Jameson was actually taking pictures in this picture that Carrie took of us. I so love that he has an interest in photography! Now to get some sleep to prepare for another day!!

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CRat said...

Thanks for coming to the games, taking pics (over 100 of them???), burning them for me and posting them on your blog (I love reading your blog:)). My hubby is handsome isn't he??