March 26, 2008

Etsy update & more...

I feel like I've been away from this little blog for way too long. I never realized how much I like to write. (Maybe it isn't so much write as it is to talk to you all - I am talking in my head as I'm typing these words to you my online friends - you do that too right? I'm not just a crazy lady here, right?!) And for anyone that hasn't posted on the new blog yet because you had to have a google account...I found the place to remove this option. So now you can all comment! yeah!

Etsy update...I've been making lots of fun stuff lately. To the left you'll see a fun scraps bag I made for a fellow Ashland University graduate. I love mixing up the fabrics. This week I pulled out all of the fabric I have and attempted to organize them. Logged everything into excel and now I'm feeling a bit more organized. Does anyone know of a really good way to store fabric? I was thinking possibly a large clear rubbermaid type tote but wasn't sure if there was something more appropriate (and cuter). In other etsy news, I created this growth cart for a past LALR attendee. She home schools her kids and plans to use this in the classroom. She also told me that she put each of her kids name on a magnet and using a second magnet from the back. That way they don't actually have to write on the board to indicate their current height. Great idea Ms. Hulet.

In other news, we had a great Easter celebration (picture here is of James, Jameson, Jeb and Jonas eating breakfast while Abby & I got the little ones checked in. Jameson recently let me know that Jeb is his best friend. So cute!). The service at FCC was awesome. Greg did a great job of coming at the message from a different angle (listen here). I'm sure there were lots of decisions made that day. I'm getting real excited about the new addition at church. I can't wait to see all the new faces that will be coming through the doors in the coming years. We're back to our Wednesday morning bible study, however today we missed it. The little man got sick as we were driving out of the development. Oh how I love cleaning all of that up. I was thinking about it actually as I was driving back down our nice curvy road. Why would God give me a child that gets sick so much since I gage so easily and almost get sick every time I smell it? The real blessing is that for some reason when it is Jameson, I don't feel sick at all. Just go to my mommy duty and clean it up and then move onto the next task. I can find blessings in the most uncommon areas - yeah for creativity, right?! Or maybe just my way of staying sane?

Jameson got a fun bubble machine in his Easter basket. It is the absolute best bubble machine. Here is a fun pictures of the two of us playing. Seriously, it is the best bubble machine. Tonight Aunt Sandy, Nat & Jules came over for dinner. They were all playing with it. Funny story about the girls. After they'd been here for at least 30 minutes. Jameson pointed at them and said "where tee other one?" Meaning where is Ria, I just realized she wasn't here. So funny that he is so used to seeing all 3 of them together it was very strange to him that she wasn't here.

One last fun story to share with everyone. This evening while I was getting things ready for dinner. I heard a very odd sound outside, somewhat like metal scrapping against a chalkboard. Not a normal, nice sound. I ran to the front door to find this site. James and Jameson on the golf cart half laughing/half crying (Jameson was the only crier). Apparently someone hit the gas petal while someone else turned the wheel too far one way. They ran over all 4 of the metal things in the middle of the driveway, broke a fog light and overall wrecked the golf cart - it is still drive able though & the hubby was smiling!. A fun ending to our Wednesday!

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Anonymous said...

My crafty friend....You inspire me to do something wonderful for my daughter. I enjoy reading your blog and looking at your blessed family. I am so proud of you!

Love, Brandy