March 8, 2008


Yeah we have a new blog and I think I'm really going to enjoy posting here. I now have the ability to change the top image, add slideshows and videos right into the message. Yeah. Now doesn't that make YOU excited too?

This morning Jameson & I had fun creating a little Easter eye candy. (Inspired by Ali) We made bunnies, eggs and baskets to hang from the light in the dining room. I think they look so cute and springy. After we started hanging them, Jameson wanted to know where the butterflies were like Ali had used. So cute that he remembered. Now the task of keeping them from getting shot or pulling them down before Easter.

Something else fun to share...kisses from a doggie (James wanted to know if it would clean showers?!)

To thank everyone for moving over to the new blog, please leave me a comment by Tuesday (3/11) at 2:00 pm and I'll mail the winner a little scrapbooking surprise (even if you don't think you're crafty, I'm sure I can find something you'll enjoy). Let me know if you made your way here from my previous blog or another way. Thanks!


Sarah said...

I like the new digs, Jill! I am looking forward to talking with you soon.

Sarah said...

Hi Jill! Another Sarah here! Love the new blog. I'll talk to you soon!

abby_864 said...

Had fun last night...a person like me would be lost without crafty friends like you! BTW, I may not be crafty, but remembered is misspelled on the front page!! Ha!
Much love from an English teacher--

MJG said...

Hi, Jill! The new blog looks great. I also am impressed with the card you did for Page Maps. You go, girl! Love ya, MJ