March 17, 2008

Outstanding day...

Wow is all I can say about the day that we've had today. Feeling blessed and so appreciative. First thing this morning, before I'd even showered?! I got the call that we had a buyer for LALR (more details to follow in the coming weeks). From there we went to church for manic music time. Abby does such a great job, even totally pregnant - I was almost afraid she wasn't going to make it today but instead be at the hospital. Happy to report she is doing great and entertained the kiddos with her moves. From there we went to chick-flay (as Jameson calls it) and then to the consignment sale to pick up the items that hadn't sold. I was pretty happy with the amount that did sell - yeah for cleaning out and making some money too. This afternoon we found something fun for Jameson - left handed golf clubs. He really enjoys hitting around. And yes he has on goggles in this pictures. Not sure why he likes to wear them but he does and it is so HIM.

I also wanted to share with you some pictures of my updated office. I am excited to share with you my alphabet storage solution. Plastic containers from ikea. One for each letter. They are about 4.5 x 3 each and fit nicely into one locker in my room. I do not plan to take them with me when I scrapbook away from home and I'm okay with that. The second picture is of my new chair and pillows; also from ikea. Excuse the shoes - I'm keepin' it real as this is how it usually looks. So love this store. The colors in these items make me smile!

On another note, I'm thoroughly enjoying an online Bible study by Rachel Olsen. She is awesome about relating the women of the Bible to present day. Here is a piece of the post from yesterday. "Part of the intrigue of the Bible is frequently it doesn’t give us all the details… explain all the motives… or provide all the answers. It can leaves us pondering and questioning – and hopefully trusting God nonetheless. Although it was God’s will for Jacob rather than Esau to get the blessing and birthright, God did not force or even persuade Rebekah to deceive anyone or do anything immoral. That was her choice, her actions. Every woman has the God-given ability to choose what she will or will not do - theologians call this having "free will." We might expect God to only use women's moral actions, but the reality is God also uses the immoral actions of women (and men) to advance His ultimate will." Join me for the next 5 weeks (we started last week so there is plenty of time to get up to speed). I'm totally loving this study.

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Anonymous said...

ikea what a wonderful store. I love the your containers. Very cute and your shoes are cracking me up. I'm glad you are keeping it real, it makes me feel normal! I have shoes all over my house.

Your shoe crazed friend, Brandy