March 12, 2008


Thank you to my four friends that commented on the first post. Since this is my blog and I make the rules, I've decided that all four of you are winners for the little giveaway. So to these friends, be on the lookout for something fun coming to your mailbox!

In other news, today has been a captive at home day for us. The little man had quite a Tuesday. It started with a bad night of sleep, lots of coughing keeping all of us awake (well not so much me since I sleep like a rock). I took him to school. Picking him up was the mortifying moment. I was in the carpool line and Mel-Mel brought him out to the car. He started coughing and then threw up on her (luckily mainly only her hand but still it was gross). We got it all cleaned up and we drove home. I called the doc to see if we should come in. They listened to him over the phone and said, yes. We got there and he had fallen asleep in the car on the way there. He started to wake so I got out to take him and yup he started coughing again and threw up all over (cleaning the car seat has become a hobby of mine-NOT). So the fun part about this incident was that we didn't have extra clothes so he went in with just boxers on. And since he is a part-time exhibitionist (kidding) he didn't mind a bit. We found out that his sinus infection from a couple of weeks ago hadn't totally gone away. Second round of meds for him. They do seem to be working though as he hasn't really been coughing as much today. We've been keeping busy in the kitchen (my attempt to keep him from running around too much which seems to make the coughing worse). We pureed squash and beets (quite fun to make but oh gosh it was a good thing I already had on a red shirt). Not sure which recipe we'll be trying from the deceptively delicious but I'm hoping it will be yummy.

Hope you have a great Wednesday!

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MJG said...

I totally understand about the throwing up. When Thomas was 2 or so, he threw up if he coughed too much. Some of the places: Ryan's (on the seat of the booth), a seafood place(also on the seat), a friend's birthday party, my living room carpet, my car.... He did eventually out grown this! I am doing a lot better today from the surgery. Maybe one week is some sort of progress point. MJ